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How to Lose Weight Naturally Without Dieting!

Diets work, but it is hard to keep them up, because there is often emotions behind your eating habits, also it is not your fault that you have excess weight!

By applying EFT each day you will start to notice a gradual shift in your behaviour around food. You will feel happier in yourself and you will start to forget about food, the need to overeat just won't be there. Not only will you lose weight, but you will have a more positive outlook, and an inner peace & confidence.

The EFT scripts have been created, so concisely, they are easy to use, and extremely effective. It will only take you about 10 minutes each day to follow. You will be amazed at how simple, but powerful this system is.

Visualize yourself slim and hold on to that image in your mind, this is what will keep you motivated and focused on the end result!

Don't focus on being overweight or needing to lose weight, as this will keep you 'needing to lose weight'.

Only see the end result.One of the major factors of weight loss is about self-love and self worth. By learning to love yourself, you will start to feel so much better about yourself and your body. This will help you attract your slim self. Repeat this EFT routine throughout the day, as much as possible......tap on ‘EFT Script to Build self-love & self-worth’

5 Steps to letting go of excess weight

  • Eat slowly, chew your food and enjoy it, put your knife and fork down between each mouthful or put your sandwich down.

  • Only eat when you are physically hungry, as soon as you feel hungry and stop when you start to feel full.

If you are not sure if you are hungry, do EFT to remove the craving, if you still feel hungry, eat.Don't diet! Eat the food you want to, just, as long as you are physically hungry. You will soon re-set your body and appetite back to how it should be.

Remember only eat when you are hungry. Don't weigh yourself too much, you will know if you are losing weight as your clothes will become baggy.Stop negative self-talk. Don't call yourself 'fat' or put yourself down, as your sub-conscious will take this as fact and match your thoughts!!

Only talk about yourself in positive ways! If you find yourself criticising yourself, repeat "I love myself unconditionally". (or follow the EFT routine for negative self-talk).

Follow these three weight loss EFT routines, negative, positive and listen to your body, morning and night for at least 2 weeks and then, just the positive one and listen to your body throughout your weight loss, just to reinforce your new beliefs.