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How to Create a Success & Gratitude Journal

Success Journal are a fantastic way of keeping you on track with your goals and keeps you motivated and focused.

They help you to be grateful for the little things in your life which will help you attract more good things to you.

’You will need to purchase a notebook with about 4 dividers in for your success journal, then write headers for each divide, in the following order. Find one that is nice and inspires you;

Vision Pages

Before you write in your journal, make a list of anything you would like to buy, do, or achieve. From a new house, new car, boat, TV, latest phone, holidays abroad, new career, new business, adventures, new relationship, etc.

Now for the fun part, find pictures or photos of what it is you would like from magazines or internet and cut them out, then stick them in an inspiring way, in the front of your journal. If you wish to lose weight, cut out a picture of an ideal body and stick a picture of your face over their's (don't be too over ambitious about the models figure, remember, they have probably been airbrushed. Be realistic).

Write positive statements between the pictures. Really enjoy this process, don't worry if you don't know how this is going to happen, just go with the flow.


List out any goals you have, starting with the main ones you wish to focus on, write as many as you can think of, from the smallest to the largest. From parachute jumps to having the courage to ask someone out! Anything..

This section is about reprogramming your mind to think in positive ways. From your goal section, go to your first one. Now, make it into a positive short statement and make it in the present tense, as if it is already happening. ie."I am grateful I am at my ideal weight of .........""I am enjoying my new job, earning over £...... each month""I am so happy in my new relationship"There is more detail about these statements in each life area page. But for now, just write down a few goals, in a positive statement.


This is a very important part of the process of using 'The Law of Attraction'. At the end of everyday, take about five minutes and list all the things you are grateful for, really feel the joy and gratitude for the things you are happy about and grateful for. Even if something was not so good for you, try to be grateful for the learning of that situation, it will clear your path to receive more good things in your life. List them out, ie.'I am grateful for my reliable car.

''Thank you for my lovely house, that keeps me warm and protected''I am grateful for the smile I received from the lady in the shop'.

The more you are grateful for, the more you will receive, even if you don't like your car, be grateful that it gets you about and in time you will attract a new one by saying thank you for everything!


This is where you will list all of your accomplishments from small to large. List every little thing that you feel the universe sent to you or you were pleased with your achievements and successes. Be grateful and thank the universe even if it was just someone paying you a compliment that made you feel better. Write it down. This is proof that the system is working for you!! Once you start to work in alignment with the universe you will attract abundance in every area of your life and feel fantastic.

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