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Harmony Healing Hub

Are you ready to:
  • Stop dieting forever

  • Feel more calm & Relaxed

  • Have unwavering self love, inner belief & confidence in yourself

  • Release self sabotage

  • Take control or your negative eating habits

  • Change your relationship with food

Self paced, easy to follow 8 week emotional eating and inner confidence, online course.


With a library of tapping/EFT audios to help you grow as a person, gain confidence, and easily get rid of stress and anxiety around food and body image.


Restore natural eating habits as you begin to allow healing and incorporate simple healing and mindfulness techniques. Allowing you to stop dieting and start really enjoying your food without feeling guilty or sabotaging yourself.


You will receive inspiration and healing techniques from this welcoming community.

Monthly Membership Consists of:

Follow at your own pace to gradually incorporate simple healing techniques and self care tips to restore natural eating habits, build inner confidence and wellbeing.

Access to Harmony Healing hub

  • Library of Tapping Audio's, visualisation and hypnosis audio.

  • 8 Week emotional eating tapping audio course

  • 6 Week Mindfulness course

  • Align & Shine for Inner confidence and self belief tapping meditations

  • Anxiety and Inner critic tapping meditations

  • Visualisations, hypnosis audios

  • How to eat mindfully with simple techniques.

Harmony Healing Hub


Distant Healer sending High Vibrational Vortex Healing - pale golden background with vorte

Harmony Healing Circle

If you are really ready to begin making great changes, then join Harmony Healing Circle, to receive group Quantum Healing & Hub.

Subscription is contract free, and you are free to cancel at any time.

Subscription payments are non refundable.

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