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Harmony Healing Circle

Group Remote Healing

Join Harmony Healing Circle to help you release emotional eating & body confidence.  With a library of Tapping/EFT audio's to help you along on your journey to self development and build confidence and release stress and anxiety easily.    There will be group healing to help support your body's ability to self-heal.


When you begin to allow healing and incorporate simple healing techniques and mindfulness methods, your body will become its natural size. Allowing you to stop dieting and begin to really enjoy your food without any guilty feelings and self sabotage.


This is a friendly supportive community where you will receive inspiration and healing techniques.  

So if you are ready to...

Feel more Relaxed

Feel Calmer & Confident in Yourself

Feel Calmer around Food

Release Self Sabotage

Clear Blocks to Self-Love

Stop negative self-talk

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What you will receive:

Group Healing & Clearing:

Twice a month you will receive Emotion Code & Body Code Group healing to clear and heal self worth, self sabotage, love, belief, confidence, overwhelm anxiety, emotional eating, body image issues and more. 

You will receive a report after the session with the imbalances that were released and corrected.


Twice a month will be group Reiki energy healing.

  • Weight Alignment

  • Weight Release Blocks

  • Emotional Eating & Cravings Clearing

  • Clear Emotional Blocks & Beliefs to Self-Love

Daily Pendulum Activations and Positive Affirmations.

Access to Membership hub, with library of Tapping Audio's:

  • 14 Days to Success - Emotional Eating & Body Confidence

  • 6 Week Mindfulness Course

  • Inner Confidence & Self Belief

  • Anxiety & Inner Critic

8 Modules to Success

  • Emotional Eating

  • Safe Being Me

  • I am Good Enough

  • Let Go of Past

  • Good Relationship with Food

  • Self Care

  • Motivation to Exercise

  • Proud of Myself

Visualisations & Hypnosis Audio's

Learn how to eat mindfully with simple techniques and printouts.

Join private Harmony Healing Circle Facebook Group for support & motivation.

Harmony Healing Circle


£11 Trial Offer for one month

(£23 / Month)

Subscription is contract free, and you are free to cancel at any time.

Subscription payments are non refundable.

Consult your General Practitioner before starting weight loss.

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