Having had my own struggles with weight issues and anxiety, I became fascinated by finding ways of healing my emotional eating rather than dieting, as it had proven to create even more of an eating disorder than I began with. 


I know how hard it is, I have been there! 


I began putting weight on when I had my children, and I felt comforted with food. I knew I couldn't carry on like this though. I needed to change my way, so I began to calorie count and lost 4 stone, felt fantastic, thought, that was it and told myself I would never be like that again. 


But as soon as I went back to eating normally the weight crept back on and a little more. All that hard work I had done to lose the weight, deprived myself of my favourite foods, not going out for meals, not drinking, criticising myself to achieve my goal weight.  I tried fasting, shakes, Keto, etc.


It was only when I found Energy Healing, that I started seeing results. I wasn’t aiming at weight loss, I was working on releasing trapped emotions from past negative events that had happened in my life and I realised I was not eating quite so much. My clothes were feeling more comfortable and I wasn’t thinking about heading to the snack cupboard so much.


I began researching more about how to release the weight, putting into practice what I had learned from tapping and all the books I had read and now I have a step by step programme that allows the body to release everything that is contributing to emotional eating.


I don’t diet, I don’t stop myself from eating anything, I don’t constantly think about food anymore, I just feel relaxed around food, I feel calmer and much happier in myself and I want to share this with everyone that is going through the same as I did.




My Credentials

Emotion & Body Code Practitioner
Spiritual Response Therapist Practitioner
Mindfulness Coach
EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
Emo-Trance Practitioner
Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner
Reiki Master
Qualified Life Coach