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Energy healing is a powerful way to release negative emotional and physical imbalances, allowing your body to restore harmony and wellbeing.

Each session is done remotely, which means you do not need to be present when the healing is being done. I will connect to your higher self distantly and through muscle testing, I ask questions and use charts to access information needed to get to the root cause of an issue. The energy is then released easily and replaced with a positive healing energy, which then allows harmony to be restored.

You will receive a full report of the imbalances that were released and replaced once the session is completed.  Whilst the session is in progress, you shouldn't notice anything and you can go about your day as usual.  But after, you should notice feeling lighter, calmer and more peaceful.

If you would like to find out more, please message me or book a free chat.

What is Emotion Code

Emotion Code is an energy healing technique that can help identify and literally release trapped emotions. It allows you to get rid of your emotional baggage, enabling you to feel lighter and to move forward in your life.   ​ Specialising in: Emotional Eating  Releasing Anxiety & Negative Self Talk Building Self-esteem & Confidence  ​ The trapped emotions are negative emotional energies from distressing past events.  We believe that trapped emotions may cause people to feel stressed, sad and anxious and many other things. trapped emotions can also block people from love and happiness or make them feel disconnected from others.   ​ Because trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they may exert an influence on physical tissues potentially leading acute discomfort and even illness.  By releasing trapped emotions, we can help make conditions right for the body to recover, so physical and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much more manageable.

What is Body Code 

Body Code is a deeper way that enhances Emotion Code to help find imbalances, and energy blockages. It looks into 6 areas: Energy: Post trauma, Offensive energies, memory cords, allergy, miasms, etc.  Circuit or System: energy systems, Chakras, Meridians, energy circuits, organs and glands. Toxin: toxic agents, heavy metals, chemicals, etc. Pathogen: destructive infections, viral, bacterial, fungal, physical or energetic. Misalignment: Skeleton, glands, organs, connective tissue, muscles, nerves, respiratory, digestive, immune, lymphatic, etc. Nutrition or Lifestyle: Nutrient deficiency imbalances, dehydration, magnetic field deficiency, need of certain foods. It can help with: Anxiety | Depression | Stress | Trauma | Self Esteem | Building Confidence | Weight Issues | Emotional Eating | Addictions | Blocks to Money & Abundance | Blocks to Love | Disease | Pain | Pets and Much more.

What is SRT/Spiritual Response Therapy

SRT/Spiritual Response Therapy is a powerful therapeutic method and spiritual healing technique that allows you to remove blocks and programmes in your subconscious mind that my be stopping you from living a happier and more fulfilling life.  It works on the spiritual level to help clear mental, emotional, spiritual, physical or inner child issues that may be causing challenges in your life. These blocks are stored in the Soul Records or Akashic Records. When the blocks are found, they can be researched and released, allowing you to move forward in all areas of your life. Programmes and beliefs can affect your: Health issues on a cellular level Money and Abundance Weight and Body Image Business & Career Relationships and Soulmates Self Confidence and more With SRT, it is a system of researching the soul records to find programmes, and releases them easily and quickly. Negative Discordant Energies, Past Lives, Transform Beliefs, Subconscious Blocks, Negative Soul Programming Vows, Karma and Ancestral Patterns Once we have established what the block is, it can be cleared from the subconscious, allowing you to let go of triggers and negative patterns that can be contributing to issues that you may have. Programmes are identified with muscle response, so the information is accurate and quick. Sessions can be received by zoom or remotely.

Modern Energy Tapping & EFT

Modern energy tapping is an up to date practice, working with the energy body and using tapping techniques, protocols and methods to help you move forward, and be healthier, physically and mentally. When energy flows fast and moves freely, we feel good and when energy is absent or blocked, we feel bad. If the energy body is stressed, it can affect physical health by keeping you in a stuck pattern of not being able to heal, learn properly, achieve goals, think calmly, and block happiness. By using MET (Modern Energy Tapping) you can do simple tapping techniques to improve your energy flow and live a happier and more successful life.

Japanese zen garden meditation stone for concentration and relaxation sand and rock for ha

1 - 45 Minute Sessions

Releasing trapped emotions. negative beliefs, and imbalances.

Emotion Code, Body Code, Belief Code & Spiritual Response Therapy Session.

Once you have purchased, you will receive an email to book your remote session.

Email Healing Sessions


Beautiful woman sits in a pose of a half lotus on high place amazing view of the island ou

Weekly Group Harmony Healing Circle

Join monthly group healing to help you bring success and wellbeing to all areas of your life. This can help with clearing blocks to weight release, money, love and build inner confidence and self belief to help you manifest easier. 

£45 per month.

Click HERE to find out more.

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3 - 45 Minute Sessions

Releasing trapped emotions, energies and imbalances.

Emotion Code, Body Code, Belief Code & SRT Sessions.

Once you have purchased, you will receive an email to book your remote sessions.

Email Healing Sessions


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Monthly Healing Subscription

When you are on a healing journey and you are ready to change areas in your life, this is for ongoing support and healing to help you achieve your desires and changes.

Click HERE to find out more.

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8 Week Peaceful Mind Program

Get to the root cause of emotional & physical anxiety.  Including online program access.

8 x Emotion, Body & Belief Code Sessions and 8 x midweek mini sessions.

Email Healing Sessions


By purchasing sessions with Suzanne, you agree to her terms and conditions.

Remote Healing Sessions

Each session will be received remotely and then a full report will be emailed to you after.

Your first session will be completed within 48 hours of purchase.

If it is a package, the sessions will be received weekly, unless we have discussed differently.


Each session also Includes:

  • 3 Personal Positive Affirmations

  • 3 Positive Reinforcement Statements

  • 3 Positive Energy Repatterning Statements


These are powerful reinforcements that are applied using pendulum healing.

  • Reiki Healing to enhance and support the processing of the session.

Book 15 Min Introductory Call 

Book a free chat to see how I may be able to help you.

or Book Remote Healing Sessions

If you are ready to begin your healing journey today, then directly book your session. 

Your Session

Your sessions will be completed distantly, which means you don't need to be in person. So once I have completed the session, I will email the full report after.

Receive Weekly Remote Energy Healing Sessions

If you booked a package, your sessions will be done weekly, usually on the same day. 

Email access between sessions.

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