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How to Attract Your Soulmate by changing your beliefs with EFT

To be able to attract new love into your life, you need to feel that you are worthy of love and deserving. If you feel you always meet the wrong partner or don't trust them, then you will keep on meeting the wrong person.If you focus on someone who is loving, friendly and genuine then you will attract someone like that.

By doing EFT routines twice a day for a few weeks or more, then this will clear any blocks you have, that are stopping you from meeting your perfect partner.

Also, create your affirmation and repeat often,ie. "I feel fantastic now that I am with my ideal partner"or "I am so happy & in love".

'Attract New Love' EFT Routine

EFT Routine – Finding Love

If you choose to tap along, you must take full responsibility for yourself. Gently tap each point about 8 times, whilst saying out loud the affirmation. Take deep breaths and make sure you drink water after.

E.B. - I am attracting love into my life right now.

S.E. - & I deeply and completely love and accept myself

U.E. - I am attracting loving people

U.N. - I love and accept myself

C.H. - & I am worthy of love and respect

C.B. - I deserve to be loved

U.A. - It is safe for me to love and be loved

E.B. - I am attracting love right now

S.E. - I am now open to love

U.E. - & I deserve love

U.N. - I am attracting love into my life right now

C.H. - I am a love magnet

C.B. - & I deeply and completely love and accept and forgive myself

U.A. - I deserve love

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