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How to Balance your Chakras with EFT

Chakras are centres in your energy body which keep you healthy and balanced. Sometimes they get out of balance which can leave you feeling tired, stressed and sometimes unwell.

To be in alignment with the connection to the universe, you may need to change some of your thinking patterns and the way you react to things. With practice it will soon become second nature.You need to move away from Judgement envy jealousy hate gossip negativity impatience fear criticising stress self-hatred depression focus on lack.

These, push you further away from your goals and also you will attract more of these negative things to you!Bring into your life more kindness compassion happiness caring positivity inner-peace appreciation joy freedom self-love patience relaxation generosity focus on abundance love!!

This will keep you in alignment with the universe and therefore you attract more loving and good things into your life.Every time you get angry it blocks your connection to the universe. Be aware of your thoughts about people and situations.

If you find yourself annoyed about something or judging someone, say in your mind 'peace' and then let that thought go.

The more you are aware of your thoughts and let them go, the less negative thoughts you will have. EFT Chakra Balance Another, important part to help you manifest successfully, is by raising your vibrations. The more often you raise your vibrations to be in harmony, the sooner you will be in alignment with the universe to manifest your desires.

This can also be achieved by balancing your Chakra's. Chakra's are energy wheels located at certain points in the body.

With stresses of everyday life, these can get out of balance and can block the flow of;

Base Chakra - Lack of money, Self-awareness

Sacral Chakra - Creativity, Self - respect

Solar-Plexus Chakra - Self - esteem, Self-worth

Heart Chakra -Self-love, compassion, love

Throat Chakra - Confidence, communication, self-expression, speaking up for yourself.

Third-eye Chakra - Intuition, wisdom, imagination

Crown Chakra - Self-knowledge

Chakra's can be balanced, using 'EFT Chakra Balance'.

Place one hand on your crown chakra and tap on each EFT point and say ' My crown Chakra is Balanced' and take a deep breath.

then move down to your third eye, place your hand over it then tap EFT points and say 'My Third Eye Chakra is Balanced' and take a deep breath.

Do this for each all 7 Chakras and then just tap each point and say 'Peace'.

Try to do this at least once a week or as often as possible to keep your energy system in balance. - Follow the ‘EFT Chakra Balance here.

If you are feel stressed, then follow the EFT routine - ‘Reduce Stress & Anxiety’

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