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How to have a better Relationship by changing your beliefs with EFT

To be happy in a relationship you need to be happy in yourself and love yourself. A lot of the time, we feel unhappy with all our responsibilities in life and because we are close to our partners, we tend to build up resentment. It sometimes seems like the only option is to go different ways, but it is so much easier to stay in your relationship (grass isn't always greener).

Obviously if you are in an abusive relationship or have completely come to an end, then I would advise you to seek professional help.

You can turn a relationship around and start to feel better in yourself quite quickly. The first thing you need to do is make a big list in your success journal of all the good qualities your partner has, then go through the good times you have had together and write them down too. This soon makes puts you in a better frame of mind.It is worth taking the time for this, as it is a very positive thing to do.The key is to focus on their good points and soon the bad things that annoy you, should just start to fade.

Don't see your partner as the enemy or the problem, but see this as an opportunity to grow together.

Try to be appreciative and grateful of what they do for you and see things start to improve between you. Communicate this to them.Read through your list everyday for a few weeks and feel good about all the nice qualities they have and add more as soon as you think of them. Add to your list daily.

Once you have written your list of good qualities, start to write out how you would like your relationship to be. Describe how you are making an effort to make things better and then imagine how your partner is reacting in a new and improved positive way. Go into great detail of how they are treating you. Don't manipulate them, or expect them to wait on you hand and foot, this would not work. Just describe enjoying each others company.

'Harmonious Relationship' EFT Script.

If you choose to tap along, you must take full responsibility for yourself. Gently tap each point about 8 times, whilst saying out loud the affirmation. Take deep breaths and make sure you drink water after.

E.B. - I love and accept myself unconditionally

S.E. - I am in the right relationship at this time

U.E. - I find my partner caring and generous

U.N. - I choose to see the good in my partner

C.H. - I find it easy to focus on the good in my partner

C.B. - Life is good

U.A. - When I feel grateful and focus on the good things

E.B. - I know I will attract more happiness

S.E. - I enjoy spending time with my partner

U.E. - I am happy and content

U.N. - I deserve to be loved

C.H. - I always see the good in my partne

C.B. - I love and accept myself

U.A. - I accept where I am right now

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