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"After I had my heart wall cleared, I felt so much lighter, calmer and more in control of my life. I didn't seem to get triggered quite so much when things happened. I am grateful to Suzanne and feeling so much better with each treatment".

Jacqueline C.

"Suzanne Curtis has a fantastic program to help you get out of your own way and move into mindful eating. I just finished her 8 week program and am really happy with the results. Suzanne introduced me to tapping and posted wonderful videos to tap along to. I have found that taking just a few minutes daily to focus on me, my challenges, and my goals was very powerful. I am more aware of why I am eating and how eating what I do makes me feel. This awareness is now a foundational part of my wellness mindset. I have not lost lots of weight during these 8 weeks, but people are telling me I look great, glowing and slimmer. I guess a couple of pounds and attitude can go a long way. Suzanne is very generous with her time and talent. The energies she found when she did releases for me using EC/BC and SRT were definitely accurate. There were energetic imbalances I was aware of, and some that I was surprised to recognize as a pattern in my life. Getting rid of that baggage certainly played a large roll in my changed attitude. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to change their lives for the better by becoming more mindful of their relationship with food and themselves".

Renee - Wisconsin, USA


"After 2 sessions I had completely lost my sweet tooth and within 4 sessions I had given up smoking..."

Sandra A - UK.

"I am so grateful, and amazed I have dropped 14Ib in weight and did not do a thing.  I had a remote session for eliminating chocolate and then 4 more sessions around emotional eating and self image and I didn't notice much at the time. But its 2 months later and I just weighed myself and I couldn't belief it.  Thank you so much Suzanne, this really does work!"  

Francesca S - UK.


"What a wonderful experience I had with Suzanne, she performed the EC on me for my menopause symptoms, I felt lighter after the first session. My hot flashes have subsided and my emotions are now balanced. Suzanne performed 3 remote sessions with me and provided detailed feedback after each session of what was trapped and what she released. Thank you so much for this relief!"  Angie Halley - US.



"I am so grateful for the work of Suzanne Curtis. Through her release of negative energies both personal and inherited I can say that I am sleeping more soundly and feeling lighter in general. I now recognize that loneliness due to covid isolation has caused me to overindulge and lack of exercise over this past year hasn’t helped. I am now able to divert my thoughts from the refrigerator and have found other comfort activities other than the contents of the refrigerator. This is a very powerful program and Suzanne is a highly skilled practitioner who can remove old negative programming from your subconscious mind. You will feel safe and supported during her program. Thank you Suzanne!" 

Sharon De Rose - US.


"Suzanne is a wonderful healer. In her 8 week program, I have completely changed my relationships with food. I am now eating just enough to satisfy my hunger. I am fully listening to my hunger and thirst cues. I no longer have anxiety associated with foods and do not use food to "calm" myself down. This has been a great journey and Suzanne is highly intuitive in her healings. I highly recommend this program to anyone who doesn't have a good relationship with food". 

S. Coleman - US.

"Suzanne has been a tremendous source of support whilst I have gone through stressful periods of my life.  She is patient, intuitive and very caring. I would definitely recommend anyone to who experiencing anxiety to book a session.  You will definitely earn some fantastic tools to help you feel better".  Arty A.

I’ve suffered from lower back pain and stiffness for many years and the only things that have helped
are massage sessions and Pilates classes. Neither of these has been possible lately so the pain had
returned, affecting everything from walking to sitting to sleeping. The worst was the lack of sleep as I
was so uncomfortable and then tired and irritable in the morning. When I came across it, I thought
that I’d give Emotion Code a go and I am happy to report that it has really helped. After around 24-
hours, my back felt looser and, that night, I had my first good nights sleep in ages. Several weeks
have now passed and, when I’ve had twinges, Suzanne has been able to ease the pain with further
sessions by releasing trapped emotions that I didn’t even know were there.
I also got my husband involved as he suffers from COPD which affects his breathing. He was very
sceptical initially but thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. I explained what the issue was and Suzanne zoned
in and released his trapped emotions. After a few days and a couple more remote sessions, he
reported that his breathing had improved. Now, after three weeks, he still feels that he can breathe
easier and wants to know how Suzanne did it.
So we have had excellent results with our two very different issues. Suzanne is warm and friendly and
the process is simple. Also, the fact that she can do this remotely is so convenient, especially at the
moment. You don’t even have to know that she’s doing it.
Thanks Suzanne. Melanie & Lee. (Hertfordshire)

"I’ve experienced ongoing pain from a rib injury 10 years ago. It went from a dull ache to intense pain on and off which started around my spine to shoulder blade area then moved to my sternum. Only a visit to the chiropractor would give me some temporary relief but it didn’t ever last very long. As a former pro wrestler and athlete, my physique has always been a part of my job. The pain in my rib made it difficult to work out like I used to and my body was suffering. I was even considering that maybe some kind of surgery was needed as I didn’t want to live with this pain for the rest of my life. My wife learned about The Emotion Code and thought we should try it on my rib injury problem. After only a brief description of my symptoms, Suzie was able to release my trapped emotions relating to the injury and sure enough the pain went away. Those emotions found and released were very specific to me and it was quite surprising what the muscle testing had found. It’s been a month since Suzie did the EC session and I haven’t felt anything near what I’ve been dealing with for over 10 years. It’s incredible! I’m back on my workout schedule and I feel great!"  R.Kirk (USA)

"Thank you for the lovely EFT routines, they have really helped me take control of my life. I feel so much calmer and happier.". Amanda C. (Hertfordshire)


"I would just like to say how beneficial my EFT sessions have been with Suzanne. I had not had EFT before and knew very little about it, but Suzanne explained everything to me and I felt completely at ease with her. After 2 sessions I had completely lost my sweet tooth and within 4 sesions had given up smoking. i would not hesitate in seeing Suzanne again and I can't recommend her enough. Thank you Suzanne". Sandra A. (Hertfordshire)


"I love the video's, they are so easy to follow and they leave me feeling very positive for the day ahead. Things are really starting to improve in my life. Thank you". Helen R. (Hertfordshire)


"My daughter suffered badly with growing pains in her knees, crying every night in pain. After Suzanne gave one treatment of Reiki to her, the bad nights are now once every three months or so. I can't believe it". Jackie (Hemel Hempstead)


"I hadn't even heard of EFT before, but after a 20 minute treatment for my phobia of the dentist, I was able to happily sit in the dentist chair and have the work done, without any anxiety at all! In fact I couldn't understand how I had ever had such a bad fear". Jacqueline (St Albans)


Thanks for my tarot reading.  It was very inspiring and uplifting".  Cheryl (Hemel Hempstead)


"I had my Tarot read by Suzanne today. I was very surprised by how accurate she was. She seemed to be able to see parts of my life as they are now and see things that were going to happen in the future. I will return in 6 months for an update". (Jackie C. Hemel Hempstead)


"I was very impressed with the tarot reading I received. It was able to pinpoint names and numbers accurately and made me feel more relaxed about a certain situation that I will be facing shortly. It is something I will definitely do again". (Amanda Hemel Hempstead)


"Having never had a tarot reading before, I did not know what to expect.  Suzanne put me at my ease and gave an intuitive reading.  She explained the reading to me.  It was positive and a really enjoyable experience.  I am looking forward to the next 12 months".  Donna ( Hemel Hempstead)


"I recently had a tarot reading with Suzanne, which I have never done anything like this before, but her special gift has given understanding, clarity, positivity and uplifting focus.  I would recommend this to anyone." S.P.( Hemel Hempstead)

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