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Heal Your Chakras and Heal Your Weight

Are you ready to clear your Chakras and let go of block to weight loss

3 Main Chakras may be causing your weight issues


Throat Chakra


The Throat Chakra is connected to eating, so if it is imbalanced, it can cause food cravings and emotional eating by storing trapped emotions around this area. One of the main reasons it can become out of balance is if you haven’t spoken up for yourself in the past. Been held back to speak when you were younger or fear of being in trouble if you spoke up. When your throat is cleared you will be able to speak calmer and say what you wish to say without fear.


Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra Is connected to your stomach and also your brain. Sometimes our brain and stomach can become so disconnected with listening to its hunger pangs, as we often eat when we see food or it’s just meal time, snacking habits or just eat for no reason. When we clear the imbalances in the associated chakra, we can reconnect the signals that are being sent to the brain to say when we are physically hungry.


Root Chakra


The Root chakra is all about Safety and feeling safe in the world. When we have had trauma or if we have been hurt, our subconscious try’s to protect us from anything happening again and can cause us to overeat to make ourselves bigger to seem stronger or to make us not be seen by others. Until we heal these issues, which are causing our chakras to be imbalanced, it is hard to keep weight off.


Emotion Code and Body Code can find the trapped emotions and beliefs that are creating emotional eating and clear them. I combine the healing session with Reiki. Allowing you to feel calmer and happier in yourself and releasing the need to overeat.


I offer this treatment remotely and you will receive a report of what was cleared afterwards.


Your Distant Healing, Weight Release Chakra Clearing & Balance 


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