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Yoga by the Ocean

Natural Wellbeing

Do you find however much you try, you just can't release your excess weight? 

Sometimes there can be other issues that are blocking your efforts. It can be:

Hormonal Changes

Adrenal Glands

Gut Bacteria

Stress Hormones


& other glands, hormones or organ Imbalances

This can be changed with Emotion Code & Body Code!


The Body Code is a deeper way that enhances Emotion Code to help find imbalances, and energy blockages. It looks into 6 areas:

Energy: Post trauma, Offensive energies, memory cords, allergy, miasms, etc. 

Circuit or System: energy systems, Chakras, Meridians, energy circuits, organs and glands.

Toxin: toxic agents, heavy metals, chemicals, etc.

Pathogen: destructive infections, viral, bacterial, fungal, physical or energetic.

Misalignment: Skeleton, glands, organs, connective tissue, muscles, nerves, respiratory, digestive, immune, lymphatic, etc.

Nutrition or Lifestyle: Nutrient deficiency imbalances, dehydration, magnetic field deficiency, need of certain foods.

3 - Emotion Code and Body Code Session


Each session also Includes:

  • 3 Personal Positive Affirmations

  • 3 Positive Reinforcement Statements

  • 3 Positive Energy Repatterning Statements

  • Reiki Healing to enhance and support the processing of the session.

  • EFT/Tapping audio's to follow daily at your own pace.

For Remote Sessions

Emotion Code and Body Code can be received via distant/remote healing. I will use muscle testing to access information from the subconscious and then release any imbalances.  It is a safe and easy way of receiving energy healing sessions.

What happens next?


Book Sessions

You will receive an email confirmation, with a couple of questions.

The sessions will be done remotely weekly.

When the session is finished, I will email the report to you.

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