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Heal From The Inside Out 

Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing

Release imbalances, blocks, beliefs and negative energies from past, present and future lives for a calm mind, harmony and a inner confidence.


We sometimes find ourselves repeating the same negative patterns and self-destructive behaviours, resulting in a feeling of being 'stuck', 'I am not good enough', 'I can't', or 'lack' in some way. You can change and transform these with energy healing.

Heal your life on a deep level:

  • Release trapped emotions, discordant energies and imbalances

  • Transform core, negative and limiting beliefs

  • Heal ancestral trauma, and beliefs within your DNA

  • Clear past, parallel and future lives that are influencing your present life

  • Let go of Soul programs of Karma, vows, and other spiritual programs from past lives: This can have an impact on health, money, weight, relationships, and a lot more.

Activate, download and reinforce:

  • Positive beliefs

  • Encourage positive re-patterning & behaviours

  • Affirmation downloads

  • Reinforcement tapping

  • Bring past life success into your present life

Awaken your inner self confidence & belief:

  • Free yourself from negative patterns & behaviours

  • Allow positive thoughts & manifest your desires

  • Let your life purpose shine through

  • Heal health imbalances at the root cause

Transform your life by removing blocks and imbalances. 


My name is Suzanne, and I am an intuitive energy healer. I have been working with clients for over 12 years, including children and animals. I am able to help you resolve traumas, emotional issues, destructive behaviours, and negative thoughts so that you can be free of anxiety, low self-worth, limitations, unwanted behaviours, money blocks and bringing more harmony to your life.


As a healer, I can help you break free of fears, stuck energies, issues from a past life, Karma, Ancestral, limiting beliefs, memory cords, and other energetic blocks that may be preventing you from achieving your goals and finding happiness, healing the root cause and restore natural balance.

Energy healing can resolve health issues, alleviate stress and anxiety, boost confidence, bring inner peace, clear illness, alleviate aches and pains, and get rid of body disharmony.

I also work with energy healers, therapists and coaches to clear past life and ancestral programs that are blocking from getting results for clients, themselves and to attracting soul clients.  Sometimes we have had many past lives that can create blocks with healing work on a deep soul level

If you would like to work with me, I'd love to hear from you.

Suzanne xx



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Book Sessions

Book Energy Healing Session to help you heal the root cause of your issues. It can help with:


Anxiety & Depression

Building Inner Confidence

& Self Worth

Chakra Balance

Emotional Eating

Aches and Pains

 Disease & Illness

Menopause Symptoms

Headaches, Relationship Issues

Money Blocks, & Much more.

Zoom/Remote Sessions

Soul Alignment

Heal ancestral, past life and soul programs and bring your physical and energetic body into balance and harmony, so you are aligned to live your life purposefully and find it easier to manifest good health, abundance and happiness. 

  • Improve your manifesting abilities

  • Break free from procrastination

  • Dissolve self doubt

  • Have abundant self esteem

  • Remove money blocks

  • Increase intuition & inspiration

Mind Body Harmony Programme

Find the underlying reason you are using food to try to suppress your emotions to heal emotional eating.

Stop feeling hungry and change your relationship with food.

8 Week Course, that helps you get rid of negative emotions, limiting beliefs, soul-level programming, and programming from your wounded inner child.

Harmony Healing Circle

Join friendly and fun membership group to change your relationship with food and get rid of your negative body image. Membership, includes weekly group healing zoom meeting, group remote healing session, pendulum activations, and EFT/Tapping affirmations.


Membership £22/Month

Book a FREE chat to find out more or how I may be able to help.


I am so grateful, and amazed I have dropped 14Ib in weight and did not do a thing.  I had a remote session for eliminating chocolate and then 4 more sessions around emotional eating and self image and I didn't notice much at the time. But its 2 months later and I just weighed myself and I couldn't belief it.  Thank you so much Suzanne, this really does work!

Francesca S. (Hertfordshire, UK)

"I have benefited from Suzanne’s work in the past and recently had her dip into her amazing toolbox to help with an issue of stuckedness that I have experienced since Covid isolation. Overeating, lethargy, clutter were overtaking my days and I was beginning to feel a sense of hopelessness. She intuitively added SRT to my Emotional Harmony healing session and I have been emerging from under a heavy cloud over the past week. Noticeable changes are being excited about my work again, clearing clutter, and not seeming to be as interested in overindulging with food. And the best part is that once in awhile I hear laughter and am quite surprised that it is coming from me. Thank you Suzanne for what you have done for me. Blessings!" S.D. Ontario, Canada

"Thank you Suzanne, I am thrilled with my results from the weight loss sessions. I appreciate the extra contributing factors you discovered and balanced such as insulin, cortisol, oestrogen, and gut bacteria. My stomach isn’t bloated now, and I’ve reduced my nightly snacks. Thankfully now I no longer have a strong craving to eat chocolate after every meal. My will power has significantly increased! I’m drawn to cleaner eating choices, and I’m satisfied with smaller portions. Thank you Suzanne, for the opportunity to work with you, also the additional health benefits I experienced are a welcome bonus!" ~ Kelli

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