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Heal Emotional Eating & Align with your Ideal Weight Forever

Have you tried every diet under the sun, changed to 'healthy eating' and still have negative eating patterns?
Finding that, however hard you try to eat healthily and exercise daily, you still find yourself sabotaging your efforts or it makes no difference?
Then maybe there are other elements at play within your body and your emotions.
It is possible to heal the emotions behind food cravings, binge eating, and then starving yourself.  If you are ready to:

Stop Emotional Eating

Reset Your Natural Eating Patterns

Heal emotions behind your negative eating patterns

Feel calm around food

Feel Happier & Calmer in Yourself

Heal Imbalances in your Body That May be Blocking Weight Release

It's not about the diet plan

Are you trying diets, depriving yourself of your favourite foods, exercising to exhaustion?
Still, ending up blowing diets and "fat-loss" regimes. Finding yourself magically appear in front of refrigerator.
Finding weight creeping back or even getting worse. 
I understand this struggle because...
I have been there...​

Do you feel out of control with your eating habits?

Do you feel like you are the only person going through this?

Have you yoyo dieted all your life?

Feeling helpless, every time you comfort yourself with food.

Feeling guilty, about losing and gaining the same weight over and over again.

If this is you...I have felt it all...feeling lack of control, confidence and love for myself.
But there is a way...

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Energy healing...

Resolves what's limiting you on the inside...


When you lose control, keep getting cravings, and end up eating & overeating you ruining your efforts. And this cycle becomes harder and harder every time.

Energy Healing gets to the root of emotional eating and blocks that are keeping you from releasing weight. 

Emotional eating and cravings are created to help you cope with situations and make you feel better.  Triggers to eat something when you aren't hungry, isn't just because you like food so much, its the emotions behind the food that you are really craving. 

Our subconscious creates memory cords to happy memories of eating certain foods at birthdays, Christmas, celebrations or even with friends and family where you felt content and happy. Its a connection to food and the positive emotion. 

When the cord is severed and the emotion and memory is balanced, the trigger to eat a certain food disappears.


Working through the memory cords to events can eliminate negative eating patterns, binge eating and cravings fast. Allowing you to reset your natural eating habits.

You don't need to know or remember when these cords were created!


With energy healing, we can connect to your subconscious and ask questions and through muscle testing, find out what age the cord was created and balance the emotions and the memory. This doesn't mean you wont remember the event, but you are just releasing the cord that connects the food and the good feeling.

Also, there can be cords, emotions, beliefs and negative energies that are blocking you from releasing weight.  These can be from events that have happened in your life, as you were growing up or when you were older. Your subconscious is keeping you safe from trauma happening again, so it can make you hold onto excess weight to keep you bigger and less vulnerable as when you were smaller. This is when you find yourself sabotaging any effort to eat better or exercise more.

When the trauma or negative events have been released, you will find that your body will restore back to its natural size.  This powerful healing can be received remotely, so you can be in another country and receive the amazing benefits.

Energy healing addresses the core of WHY you eat what you eat? And when you resolve that, you:

Achieve food freedom. 

Find peace with food.

Stop negative self talk

Release anxiety

Stop self-sabotaging

Have more confidence

Better relationships

Happiness & positive thoughts

Have no need for dieting

& much more...

 Feel better than you have ever felt..


I Can Help You.

Hi, I am Suzanne.

I can help you change your relationship to food with energy healing.


I am able to connect with your subconscious to find and release blocks and trapped energies.  Getting to the root of the issue and restore natural flow and harmony. I have created 'Mind Body Harmony Program' which blends 5 healing modalities together, to bring harmony to many issues quickly and easily.

This can resolve health issues, build confidence, restore inner self calm and bring success with eliminating emotional eating and create body confidence.

I do this work remotely, which means I connect with you and complete the healing work at a distance, whilst you are going about your day. 

The information that I receive will be sent in a full report afterwards, allowing you to process the healing with ease and grace.


I too was stuck in my own struggles with weight issues and anxiety.


To resolve that I gathered and learned the most effective ways to resolve emotional eating, cravings, and self-sabotaging.


When I found Energy Healing, I started seeing real results. I don’t diet now. I don’t stop myself from eating anything. I don’t constantly think about food anymore. I feel relaxed around food. I feel peace in mind and feel much happier in myself and I want to share it with everyone that is going through the same as I did.

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How Can I Support You?
Enjoying Donuts

Book 1:1 Session

Book Emotion Code & Body Code Session to help you heal the root cause of your issues. It can help with:


Emotional Eating & Weight Issues

 Anxiety & Depression

Building Inner Confidence

Aches and Pains

 Disease & Illness

Menopause Symptoms

Headaches, Relationship Issues

Money Blocks, & Much more. 

1:1 Remote Session

£65.00 (1hr)

Harmony Healing Membership

Access EFT/Tapping Audio's to 8 week emotional eating, love yourself, weight release course, build confidence, let go of anxiety. Visualisations, hypnosis audio's, mindful eating techniques, and 8 week mindfulness course.

Life time access.

Harmony Healing Membership


Harmony Healing Circle

Weekly Group energy healing sessions to support your emotional eating, cravings, self-sabotage and weight release.

These sessions will be completed weekly, on Monday's, and you will receive a full report of imbalances released and corrected.

Harmony Healing Circle


Mind Body Harmony Program

Emotional Eating Program. I will support you in healing issues around aligning you to your ideal weight, releasing imbalances to help you achieve your goal easily and effortlessly.

Clearing trauma, life events, negative eating patterns growing up, past diets and body image issues, allowing you to reset your natural eating habits easily.


Mind Body Harmony Program

Releasing the anxiety around food is an inside job!

Most diets simply focus on cutting down on what you eat and adding more exercise. This is all good but it doesn't deal with the emotional issues that underline the extra weight or eating habits that have been created. If the 'emotional issues' aren't dealt with, you will lose the weight, but then often put it all back on again, leaving you feeling like a failure, hopeless, and unhappy.

We can align our bodies to a natural weight and change the relationship we have with food by releasing trapped emotions about how we feel about our weight and body shape. We can find out what it is that is driving us to overeat and crave certain foods.

This programme is a step by step approach with life changing strategies can help you learn to eat mindfully, let the stress around releasing weight and emotional eating go and build a better relationship with your body and your food.

Ready To Begin Your Healing Journey &...

Step into your Slim Mindset and release all your old dieting programming, eat mindfully easily and create a new relationship with food and your body.

Stop cravings in minutes whenever you feel the need to eat when you aren't physically hungry and control your eating habits quickly.

Deal with food obsessions, letting go of the need to eat at certain times or when you see or smell food.

Reprogram your negative self-talk and stop sabotaging yourself whenever you try to make changes in your body.

Setting boundaries & releasing stress, being able to say no to people without feeling guilty and controlling you, feel calm and have a happy environment.

Find pleasure in exercise and enjoy incorporating it into your life easily

Maintenance for long term, looking forward and empowering yourself to live the most amazing life.

Feel satisfied eating healthy foods and reset your natural eating patterns and listen to what your body needs.

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What to do Next?

Book 15 Min Introductory Call 

Book a free chat to find out if energy healing is suitable for you.

Your Report

You will receive a full report of your healing sessions, of what was released and balanced.

or Book Remote Healing Session

If you are ready to begin your healing journey today, then directly book your session. 

Receive Weekly Remote Energy Healing Sessions

If you booked a package, your sessions will be done weekly, usually on the same day. 

Email access between sessions.

I Will Message You

Once you have booked, I will message you to find out details of what you wish to work on.

Email Access Between Sessions

This is about helping and supporting you along the way, so there will be

Email access between sessions.

Your Session

I will connect to your subconscious, and find the root cause of your issue and clear all the underlining imbalances that need to be released and cleared, allowing your mind and body to realign and correct so harmony is restored.

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I am so grateful, and amazed I have dropped 14Ib in weight and did not do a thing.  I had a remote session for eliminating chocolate and then 4 more sessions around emotional eating and self image and I didn't notice much at the time. But its 2 months later and I just weighed myself and I couldn't belief it.  Thank you so much Suzanne, this really does work!

Francesca S. (Hertfordshire, UK)

"I have benefited from Suzanne’s work in the past and recently had her dip into her amazing toolbox to help with an issue of stuckedness that I have experienced since Covid isolation. Overeating, lethargy, clutter were overtaking my days and I was beginning to feel a sense of hopelessness. She intuitively added SRT to my Emotional Harmony healing session and I have been emerging from under a heavy cloud over the past week. Noticeable changes are being excited about my work again, clearing clutter, and not seeming to be as interested in overindulging with food. And the best part is that once in awhile I hear laughter and am quite surprised that it is coming from me. Thank you Suzanne for what you have done for me. Blessings!" S.D. Ontario, Canada

"Thank you Suzanne, I am thrilled with my results from the weight loss sessions. I appreciate the extra contributing factors you discovered and balanced such as insulin, cortisol, oestrogen, and gut bacteria. My stomach isn’t bloated now, and I’ve reduced my nightly snacks. Thankfully now I no longer have a strong craving to eat chocolate after every meal. My will power has significantly increased! I’m drawn to cleaner eating choices, and I’m satisfied with smaller portions. Thank you Suzanne, for the opportunity to work with you, also the additional health benefits I experienced are a welcome bonus!" ~ Kelli

Do not attempt to lose weight without being under the supervision of a medical/health care professional.