Taking Care of Your Emotional Wellbeing

Do you struggle with feelings of Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm throughout your day?

Are they stopping you from going out & living your life to the fullest?

Not being able to cope and feeling alone?

It is possible to be stress free, able to deal with what life throws at you, with a calmness about you. Feeling healthy, energised & enjoying life.

Specialising in:

  • Relieving Stress & Anxiety

  • Letting go of limiting thoughts, beliefs and negativity

  • Improving Self Worth, Self Belief & helping you achieve Success

  • Body Confidence & Weight Loss

  • Emotional Eating & Self Sabotage


If you have had enough and are ready for change, then maybe it is time to Try Something Different!


It is possible to reach new levels of happiness and success.  So book your first session or book a free 30 minute chat.

One-To-One Sessions

Take control now and let go of Stress and Anxiety.  Start living your life in a calm, peaceful, and happy way.

Learn a simple tool that can reduce stress in minutes!

It is suggested to have 3-6 sessions.

6 Week Weight Loss Course

Are you ready to let go of your excess weight forever?

Then maybe its time to try something different.  Work one to one to get to the core of the issue and unravel your emotional eating and weight loss blocks.

Group Weight Loss Course

work through the 6 week weight loss course with a maximum group of 4 ladies.

Tapping and supporting each other. group work builds a beautiful energy, even online. making it more affordable and fun.

Book your free one-to-one session to see if coaching is for you. No obligation. 

Take this first step and notice the changes that could happen.

Call/Text Suzanne - 07855578160

"Suzanne has been a tremendous source of support whilst I have gone through stressful periods of my life.  She is patient, intuitive and very caring. I would definitely recommend anyone to who experiencing anxiety to book a session.  You will definitely earn some fantastic tools to help you feel better".

Arty A.



"I was struggling with a few issues in my life and wasn't sure what to do.

I had a few sessions with Suzanne and she helped me see things in a different way. We cleared a lot of stuff that I had been holding onto and now I feel so much lighter and better.  Would recommend"

Richard B.


"I would just like to say how beneficial my EFT sessions have been with Suzanne.  I had not had EFT before and knew very little about it, but Suzanne explained everything to me and I felt completely at ease with her.  After 2 sessions I had completely lost my sweet tooth and within 4 sessions I had given up smoking.  I would not hesitate in seeing Suzanne again and I would highly recommend her!

Sandra A. 

Hemel Hempstead

"I hadn't even heard of EFT before, but after a 20 minute treatment for my phobia of the dentist, I was able to happily sit in the dentist chair and have the work done, without any anxiety at all! I couldn't understand how I had ever had such a bad fear!

Jacqueline C.

St. Albans

Call Suzanne Curtis

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