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Modern Energy Tapping

Modern energy tapping is an up to date practice, working with the energy body and using tapping techniques, protocols and methods to help you move forward, and be healthier, physically and mentally.

When energy flows fast and moves freely, we feel good and when energy is absent or blocked, we feel bad.

If the energy body is stressed, it can affect physical health by keeping you in a stuck pattern of not being able to heal, learn properly, achieve goals, think calmly, and block happiness.

By using MET (Modern Energy Tapping) you can do simple tapping techniques to improve your energy flow and live a happier and more successful life.

To understand how to keep your energy body healthy, there is a chart to work from.

The higher the energy state, the better we become.

The lower the energy state, the worse we become.

Plus 10 is what we want to achieve.



Levels on the Chart

-8 to -10 describes extremely low energy states that can become life threatening. It takes many destructive events to become this low.

-5 to -7 can feel very high stress, anxiety and fear.

-2 to -4 uncertainty and stress levels. (this is where a lot of the population find themselves on an average).

Zero point is nothing. Not good or bad, just lack of interaction with others and feeling neutral.

+1 to +3 awakening and having more motivation and getting ideas about the future. Being more sociable and open minded.

+5 to +6 when we begin to take action and feel inspired to do more.

+7 to +10 better relationships, more self esteem, engage in projects, and bring emotional, physical and mental health to its highest.

Book a 3 session course, if you want to start changing your energy body so that it empowers your life.

First session - You will learn more about how modern energy tapping can help you, how to tap and bring it into your daily life.

Second session - We will focus on a specific issue, goal or your stress levels.

Third Session - Clear anything else that may need evolving and bring more harmony to your future.

For a limited time, this 3 session package is 


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