Theta Healing® Technique

ThetaHealing is a holistic healing technique using quantum physics and intuition to access healing energy vibrations.  it can help support you and help you transform all unconscious blocks, hidden beliefs, thought patterns and feelings by working directly with source and getting to the root of the issue by releasing emotional trauma, break negative beliefs and patterns and help you rapidly transform.


Your beliefs are held on four levels:


Core Level - All of your childhood traumas, memories and programming.

History Level - Past Lives and Collective Consciousness.

Genetic Level - Ancestral and DNA.

Soul Level - All your Souls experiences.

It can help to remove Limiting Blocks and Unlock your potential to:

  • Achieving Goals & Manifesting

  • Happiness & Happy Relationships

  • Success & Prosperity

  • Physical Pain & Disease

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Weight Loss

ThetaHealing can clear resolve and heal various causes for emotional, spiritual and body issues.

Changing Beliefs

Beliefs are normally created from a young age, under 7 and created patterns in our lives which limit us from achieving our potential, or creating blocks in doing things or even making us very unwell. In a ThetaHealing session we will dig to get to the bottom belief and then change it, and this will collapse any thought patterns associated with the issue and often other issues.

Energy Downloads

Sometimes when we are changing beliefs, it is possible that you don't know what it feels like to have the belief of something, for example, having joy in your life. So Theta has a beautiful tool to download good feelings and this helps the new belief change to take effect rapidly.

Resolving Past Lives

Beliefs can be created in a past life, if you have ever wondered why you have a strange phobia of something or fear certain things, then this could be connected to past lives. we often bring things from many life times and these can also create blocks and illness in our present lives. Once we have discovered the past life and the belief that is attached to it, we can resolve this in an instant.

DNA and Genetic Cleansing

Through our generations of our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on, we can have beliefs that are passed down through generations. we can heal these and heal the all our past ancestors. Allowing you to feel calmer and let go of blocks.

Soul Healing and Soul Fragments Retrieval

Our souls are the energy or essence of ourselves.

Soul fragments can be the reasons why you cant break away from people or events and can be lost with relationships, deaths illness or abuse. ThetaHealing brings back soul fragments instantly.

Clearing Trauma

Traumatic experiences that have happened in the past can have a detrimental effect on your life in the present moment, it can cause you to be triggered and taken back to the memory, bringing up all the emotions you felt when you were going through the experience. sometimes you don't even know that you have been triggered and it can just be feelings of stress and you do not now why. ThetaHealing gently clears these old memories and changes the belief around them.

Waywards, Spirits, Entity, The Fallen, Possessions, Psychic Hooks, Curses and Implant Release.

We can have attachments to our energy system in forms or entity or toxic emotions, which we don't always know about. They can make you feel out of balance, tired, general feelings of unwell, emotional issues, sugar and carbohydrate cravings. In a ThetaHealing body scan, its possible to check that your Chakras are balanced, Your Auric field for any tares and repair them. Also release any negative entity attachments. These can be done remotely and I will send you a full report in an email.

What happens in a healing Session?

During a Theta healing session the practitioner will identify core beliefs that are holding physical or emotional issues in place by 'digging' which is asking questions to get to a core belief, using intuition and also muscle testing to see if the client holds the belief.

The practitioner with go into meditation and request the healing.

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