Psychic Tarot Reading

Tarot readings can give great detail into situations in your life. They offer information to what is going on in the present, the time you are picking the cards.  It can provide insight and advice in times of happiness as well as in times of challenge.  

I love to work with "the law of attraction" which is a way of living to help you achieve good health, wealth and happiness.  Overcome obstacles easier and help you live up to your potential.

By having a Tarot Reading, it can reveal what may be blocking you from your goals and desires, also helping you decide what it is you wish to achieve and help you make a positive step forward.
Although it can reflect probabilities, it is not a form of fortune-telling, as we all have free will & it is possible to change the outcome

Your reading will consist of Tarot & Angel cards which offer insight into what is happening in your life at present, how the past may be affecting you now and what may be coming up for you soon. 

Tarot cards can offer insight to where things are headed, based on what is currently happening in your life. But ultimately, how your future unfolds depends on how you think, feel and act right now! 

I can help you identify your blocks and strengths so you can create more of what you are wanting in your life and help you find out why you might keep attracting certain things or people into your life by helping you understand' The Law of Attraction'.  I may offer guidance to help you bring into your life what it is you are wishing for.

Email Tarot Readings

Email Tarot readings are proving popular when you have a question you need answered quickly but don't have the time for a full reading.

Once you have sent your question to me, I tune into you and your situation as if  you were sitting in front of me.  I then pick 5 cards and give an in depth reading, giving as much detail as possible.

I will also take a photo of the layout so you can see which cards have been picked.

If you would like an email reading, please click on the paypal button and leave your name, date of birth and your question.

I will reply within 24-48 hours ( If you need the reading the same day, then please let me know).

45 minutes Tarot Online Reading - £30

Email Tarot Reading - £20

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