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Daily Manifesting Techniques

Manifesting your Goal 


To be able sustain key practices for manifesting your goals, apply one or more or these techniques each day.


Clearing the attachment to the outcome –

Try not to focus too much on the outcome as it can feel that you are ‘wanting’ and ‘needing’ it and this can push it away further. Just allow it to manifest and happen without judgement.


Parasympathetic nervous system activation exercises –

  • Humming: take a deep breath and hum on the outbreath for 1-2 minutes. Or gargle for the same amount.

  • Cold showers (especially on side of face and neck)

  • Breathing exercises to stimulate the vagus nerve.

Connecting with the why exercise –

Write down 3-5 ways that you can start feeling today, right now. I am calm and relaxed, I am pain free.


  •  Imagine that there is a version of you from the future who has already achieved your goal and is sitting in front of you.

  • Connect to them at the heart level. Imagine a golden light emanating from your heart to theirs.

  • Feel the love that this version of you from the future has for you.

  • Feel what they are feeling, see what they are seeing, hear what they are hearing.

  • Ask for all the positive morphic fields, blueprints, gifts and lessons that you need to achieve the outcome to be downloaded and activated in you in the highest and best way.

  • Allow yourself to receive these.

  • Ask the version of you from the future if it has any messages or tips from you.

  • Listen quietly for any intuitive messages or guidance

  • Thank the version of you for its unconditional love, acceptance and support.


Repeat positive affirmation towards achieving your goal.

Create a few positive affirmations or use the ones guided in your 1:1 sessions. Always make them positive as if you have already received or achieved it. Use the beginning words, 'I am...., 'I have...., I allow.....etc.

Repeat the affirmations whilst visualising yourself having achieved them as much as possible.

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