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Setting Intentions

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Set Your Intentions

For the group healing and clearing sessions, I activate the positive intentions for each person weekly. This may just be good health, allowing happiness and abundance, I am slim, fit and healthy or you may wish to create a personal positive intention. If you would like to do this, then please set 3 intentions, that you would like to achieve, heal or change in your life.  This can be healing weight issues, eating habits or a physical illness, negative behaviour you are wanting to let go of, change in career, money, success and more.

When you create your intention, word it in a positive way, for example -

'I weigh my ideal weight naturally and easily'

'I weigh .........stone naturally and easily'

'I eat healthy natural food, and I listen to my bodies needs'

Painful knee, you could say, 'My knee is happy and healthy'

Tiredness - 'I feel energised and motivated'

Attracting money - 'I am so happy I am earning over £***** every year'

Sleep - 'I sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

Love - 'I am so happy and loved in a loving relationship'

When you have created 3 Intentions, please email them to me and I will activate them to release the blocks, limitations, and energetic imbalances in the group healing.  You will receive Reiki healing to help you become more balanced and ready to receive the changes.

Also, write down your intentions and for when you are listening to the Quantum Healing Meditation. You can use them as affirmations throughout the day, to repeat them over and over. This can be very powerful and keep you motivated and moving towards your goals.

Send your intentions here.

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