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Release Anxiety & Boost your Confidence by Healing Emotional Imbalances & Restoring



Hello! I am Suzanne, an intuitive energy healer of which I blend a combination of modalities together.

Having first come across EFT over 10 years ago. It helped me overcome emotional eating, anxiety, and build inner self belief. I cleared limiting beliefs, suppressed emotions and clearing on a deep soul level has inspired me to help others achieve self confidence and well-being too.


I now do my sessions remotely, which means after our first contact, or email chat, I can connect energetically from a distance and do the healing.


I will then send you a full report of what has been released and corrected and offer affirmations and anything else that will help bring harmony and well-being. 

Emotion Code, Body Code and SRT sessions can help with:

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Building Inner Confidence & Self Worth

  • Emotional Eating

  • Aches & Pains

  • Disease & Illness

  • Menopause Symptoms

  • Headaches, Relationship Issues

  • Money Blocks & Much more..

So book in your free 1:1 Zoom call for a chat to see how I may be able to help you, or just book your sessions and I will message to ask some questions and then begin your sessions.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to move forward in your life.

Suzanne xx