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Join the hub for instant access to tapping meditations helping you make changes in your life, let go of emotional eating and other issues that are stopping you from letting go of excess weight.


When you join, you will receive full access to:

  • 6 Week Weight Loss Audio's

  • 6 Week Mindfulness Course

  • Audio Visualisations

  • Receive Distant Healing

  • How to Eat Mindfully

  • More Weight Loss Tapping Audio's

  • Weekly Live Group Meetings

  • Discounted coaching sessions

£29 per month

It is packed full to help you make changes in your life, easier and quicker, and encouraging you to use tapping daily for your self-care. It is such a powerful healing tool that can help you let go of past issues, traumas and unwanted emotions.

What you will receive:

Tap Away Hub

Lifetime access to 'The Tap Away Hub'.  This includes ‘6 Week Weight Loss Course’, ‘6 Week Mindfulness Course’ and other tapping meditations to help you on your journey. Try to spend 15 minutes a day tapping, and you will begin to notice great changes.

Audio Visualisation Meditation

Visualising yourself looking slim, confident and happy is such a powerful daily practice. I have created a 10 minute audio to listen to daily to help you attract your slim-self quicker.

Unlimited Email Access

You will also be able to contact me throughout the 6 week course, with questions, help or maybe you are in need of some motivation. I will answer you within 24 hours, week days.

Facebook Group

Please join my Facebook group for tapping videos, motivational quotes and information.

If you would like to chat before you sign up then please email me/text and we can book 30 minutes, just to see if tapping is for you.

Week One - Cravings
Let go of food cravings fast with a simple, yet powerful self help tool. Also tap along to the meditations to help you get into the right mindset for the course, allowing you to be in control of your eating habits.
Week Two - Emotional Eating
Emotional eating is one of the main issues that drive you to eat when you aren't hungry, coming home from a stressful day, feeling sad and lonely or just bored.  Use a simple yet powerful technique to clear these emotions.
Week Three - Hurtful Comments
Throughout our lives we have had hurtful comments said to us or about us and we keep them all stored within us, making us feel unhappy in ourselves. Its time to let them all go as they are not helping with how we feel about our bodies.
Week Four - Stop Binge Eating
Whether you binge eat or find you can't stop eating once you have started, is often connected to having to finish all the food on your plate. Being told there are starving children out there, or I have paid good money for this food, drives you to eat all the food in front of you and over ride your stomach telling your brain that you have had sufficient food.
Week Five - Unresolved Traumas
when we have had upsetting traumas happen in our past, they are often just held on to.  then when something triggers us to think of that memory, we can't deal with it and sometimes find ourselves burying it with food to make us feel better.  Working on these memories is very powerful in helping you to stop emotional eating. (If you have had serious trauma or abuse in your life, it is best to seek professional help or work one-to-one, than dealing with it on your own). 
Week Six - Stress 
Stress and anxiety plays a big part in weight loss too, so learning how to create boundaries and being able to say 'no' without feeling guilty, is going to help.
Slim Mindset Membership
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