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Harmony Healing Online Program

Emotional Eating & Self Love

Do you find yourself saying the same old things?

"I just wish I had the motivation to eat better"

"I keep sabotaging myself"

"Every time I lose the weight I put it back on"

It's not your fault!

There are reasons why you lack motivation or why you keep sabotaging yourself and it has nothing to do with willpower!


When you have spent years on diets, depriving yourself, negatively talking about your body and how you eat, it is no wonder why we hold onto suppressed emotions causing us to eat emotionally. There are many other reasons too, that drive us to eat when we aren't hungry. Negative eating patterns from childhood, trauma, stressful events and many other things. 

It is possible to change these emotions with energy healing.


This is NOT a quick fix! but this is a self care, new way of eating and taking care of your emotions.

So if you are ready to...

Learn to listen to your bodies needs and only eat when you are hungry and be able to stop when you are satisfied.

Learn to love yourself and every part of you, because you are amazing!

Learn to move your body, not because you need to release weight, but because you enjoy it and it makes you feel good.

Stop emotional eating forever.

Then this could be exactly what you need...

This isn't just for emotional eating, it is for:


Self Care

Self Love

Body Image

Low Self Esteem


Self Sabotage

Self Worth

Inner Confidence

and MUCH more!

When your emotional eating is just taking over your life...

Heal your emotional eating, sabotaging and weight loss blocks with this easy to follow online energy healing program.

You will learn how to:

Bring EFT/Tapping into your daily life to make changes easier and quicker.

Heal the patterns that are driving you to eat emotionally when you aren't hungry.

Let go of the feeling of being out of control around food as you begin to neutralise your emotions and habits.

Delete patterns of past diets and begin to eat mindfully and intuitively.

When life is too busy and you find it hard to stay motivated with your personal development, allow the changes to happen here in a safe space...

8 Week Online Course Includes:

Week One - Emotional Eating

Week Two - Safe Being Me

Week Three - I am Good Enough

Week Four - Let Go of The Past

Week Five - Good Relationship with Food

Week Six - Self Care

Week Seven - Exercise Motivation

Week Eight - Proud of Myself

What you will receive:

Access to Membership, with library of Tapping Audio's:

  • 8 Week Emotional Eating & Weight Release 

  • 6 Week Mindfulness Course

  • Inner Confidence & Self Belief

  • Anxiety & Inner Critic

Visualisations & Hypnosis Audio's

Learn how to eat mindfully with simple techniques and printouts.

Harmony Healing Online Program


One Payment - Life time Access

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