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Weight Release is a Journey of Self Discovery

For when you have tried diet after diet and are now ready to heal your emotional eating forever

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Do you find yourself saying the same old things?

"I just wish I had the motivation"

...this is created by past diets, when you have lost the pounds through starving yourself and exercising only to put it all back on and more!

"I keep sabotaging myself"

...You may be running the programme, "I have been good today, so I can treat myself". This is such a common theme with dieting and the more you deprive yourself, the more this will happen until its healed.

"Every time I lose the weight I put it back on"

...Dieting works amazingly when you cut your calories, exercise and have that mindset, but suddenly as soon as you stop, your old eating habits come back and even more as you have been so strict. When you make friends with food and your emotions, you will be able to release this forever.

It's not your fault!

I began to think, its my fault, I am broken, why can't I be slim like my friends and began to compare myself to others all the time. This was just fuelling my low self esteem more and more and would send me in an eating frenzy. 

I couldn't see a way out until I began to work on my emotions and my belief system. Gently releasing old eating patterns and the trauma behind my emotional eating that I began to like myself again. I am not saying that this a fast process like the "lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks" diet mentality, but a steady way of changing eating habits, that will last forever.

So if you are ready to begin a journey of self discovery

Learning to listen to your bodies needs and only eating when you are hungry and be able to stop when you are satisfied.

Learning to love yourself and every part of you, because you are amazing!

Learn to move your body, not because you need to lose weight, but because you enjoy it and it makes you feel good.

Completely changing your outlook on how to release weight easily and forever.

What you will receive in this group

Motivational techniques to keep you on track to with mindful and intuitive eating and manifesting your ideal body.

Access to Slim Mindset Hub, with tapping and visualisation audio's to release food cravings, emotional eating and change negative beliefs to help you change your relationship with food and release the weight forever.

Facebook group for members only to share experiences, with daily lives with tapping, goal setting, affirmations, and mindful eating techniques. 

New weekly Tapping Meditations

When your emotional eating is just taking over your life...

Heal your emotional eating, food cravings and weight loss blocks with this easy to follow online energy healing programme.

When you join you will have full access to:

8 Module weight loss EFT/Tapping Audio's.

Visualisation Audio's

How to eat mindfully

You will learn how to:

Bring EFT/Tapping into your daily life to make changes easier and quicker.

Release stress around the panic to lose weight and begin your journey with the feeling of success and that you can achieve your ideal weight.

Heal the patterns that are driving you to eat emotionally when you aren't hungry.

Let go of the feeling out of control around good as you begin to neutralise your emotions and habits.

Delete patterns of past diets and begin to eat mindfully and intuitively.

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What's Included in the 8 Week Online Course

Week One - Step into your Slim Mindset

Week Two - How to Stop Cravings in Minutes

Week Three - How to Deal with Food Obsessions

Week Four - How to feel satisfied eating healthy food

Week Five - Reprogram your Negative Self-talk

Week Six - Setting Boundaries and releasing stress

Week Seven - How to find pleasure in exercise

Week Eight - Maintenance for Long Term

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