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Welcome and Thankyou for joining the Harmony Healing Circle Group Healing.

Your healing group session will be completed on this coming Monday. I will then email you the full report of what was released and corrected. Also there will be suggested affirmations for the week for you to repeat, to reinforce your session.

Please email me with your intention for this healing session. Word it in the present tense.

For example:

"I am enjoying eating healthy natural food"

"My body is loving me doing my 5,000 steps each day"

"I am slim, fit and healthy"

"I feel healthy in my body"

It can be very simple, or you can just leave it to the universe to know where it needs to be cleared. If you have requested this healing, it will be for your highest intention, so it is a safe space and for your highest good too. 

Please Email me here.

You do not need to do anything apart from be open to receiving the healing.

Guidance will be in the report.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Suzanne xx

Do not attempt to lose weight without being under the supervision of a medical/health care professional.

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