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Stop Binge and Emotional Eating now

Learn a self-help healing tool that I call 'Stop Drop Tap' that can help you to release the emotions, beliefs, and trauma that is driving you to overeat when you aren't physically hungry. 

It is a process of tuning into your 'feelings' at the point of wanting to eat, sitting with the feelings as you gently tap meridian points, which then sends a signal to your brain to release stress and to calm your cortisol levels down. It can take 2 minutes or it may take 10 minutes to clear, but the more you do this technique, the more you clear the underlying issues that are causing the food cravings.

In our zoom session, I will show you how to tap and how to use the technique and we will clear around the food that you choose to work on. This may be chocolate, crisps, bread, drink or your comfort food, that you find yourself wanting to eat when you aren't physically hungry.

When it clears, it doesn't mean that you won't ever want to eat that food again, but it means you can take it or leave it and feel in control.

Stop Drop Tap Session


Once payment has been sent, I will email you to arrange a suitable zoom appointment

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