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Soul Client Alignment

Are you ready to truly become aligned with your soul clients? 

What is a soul client?

A soul client is someone who is right for you, they are open to what you have to offer and know that you are the right person to invest in.  They have the same values as you and you know how to help them and when this all lines up, the healing within your client happens faster and effortlessly. They will be so happy with their growth, that they will begin to refer even more soul clients that you enjoy working with.


You will find that soul clients will be attracted to you naturally and effortlessly.

Also when you are aligned with your business, you will believe in your worth and receive the right payment exchange.

When you are truly aligned to your soul clients, they will:

  • Easily understand how you can help them with your skillset

  • Find you effortlessly

  • Find the funds to gratefully pay you for your worth

  • Refer new soul clients to you

  • Be your greatest fan

  • Heal, grow and transform faster naturally

  • Be empowered and inspired by you

When you truly align to your own business, you will:

  • Feel empowered and enjoy your work much more

  • Feel happier and more confident in your healing abilities

  • Have more time for yourself, as you will flow easily in your work and spend less time building your business

  • Help so many more people achieve success and happiness

  • Earn more money by helping people

When I first started out with my healing business, the only people I found that I attracted were clients that didn't want to pay. They wanted all the freebies. the more I did the sessions for free, the more I found that these were the people that weren't ready to help themselves and the therapies that I did, weren't getting the results that knew were possible. This began to lead me to lacking in my self belief and confidence. Not to mention the amount I had invested in all my training, coaching courses, learning how to run a business etc. 

But the root of me not attracting the right client, my 'soul clients' were blocks that were limiting me and stopping me from being successful. The more I started clearing my core negative beliefs, trauma, trapped emotions, past lives when I was a healer or helped others, all these were blocking me from success in my business.  

It was when I finally released all the blocks that I began attracting wonderful clients, that I felt a connection with, and they connected with me on a deep level. I was beginning to really clear their problems and issues and they were grateful. They would come back if they had another issue or I would work with their family members and friends. It all felt so natural and easy.  I became in flow with my work and trusting that my soul clients would find me and they did and still do.

I feel when we learn new therapies, healing modalities and techniques, it is amazing and we can see transformations happen, but there is a part that is missing and that is how to bring clients, that we can help so much, to us. It is so important to work on ourselves to clear our past beliefs so that we can move forward and naturally attract clients and build our business.

There are so many coaching programmes out there, teaching us how to build a social media presence, creating a brand, how to get high end ticket clients and earn 6 figures, and these can help your business, but however much work you put in, if you haven't cleared around yourself, then this can leave you feeling overwhelmed and feeling that you are a failure.  But when you begin to do the deep clearing work within you and completely align with yourself and your business, you will then transform your skills, success and money.

Soul Client Alignment

Interested in learning more? Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation or book your session below to begin releasing your blocks and aligning with your soul clients today.

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