Welcome to Slim Mindset Starter Kit.

I hope you enjoy the journey of not only releasing your emotional eating, but connecting with your body more for better mind, body and wellbeing. Tapping is an amazing tool that can transform behaviours quickly and effortlessly, so commit to doing 15 minutes a day and you will begin to notice the benefits soon.

  • Print your weight loss workbook, on how to tap and follow the tapping meditations for 15 minutes a day.   

  • Listen to the 'visualise yourself slim' twice a day or more for a few weeks, you will really begin to notice how powerful this is in helping you reach your goal.

  • Join me in our weekly group for more free tips and energy healing.


Tapping Workbook

Download & print this Tapping workbook Aim to tap for 15 minutes each day for the best results.  

Group Energy Healing

Join our friendly, Monday support, tapping and releasing group. 

Emotion/Body Code Sessions

I am here to support you all the way, so email me if you have any questions or would like to book a session.

Daily Audio

Listen to the daily visualisation audio to attract your healthy body and great success.

Daily Visualisationlisten twice a day
00:00 / 05:19

Tapping Meditations

Follow these tapping meditations if you find you are craving for certain foods or just have that need to eat.

Food/Drink Cravings
00:00 / 03:24
Emotional Eating Tapping
00:00 / 04:49

Work with me

I offer remote or telephone Emotion & Body Code sessions to clear trapped emotions, beliefs, toxins and imbalances that are blocking you from releasing weight and causing you to eat emotional, this can be for food/drink cravings, stress around how you feel about your body, feeling safe to let go of weight, aligning to your ideal weight and more. I will email you a full report of which emotions and beliefs were cleared and any suggestions or advice.

Slim Mindset Programs

With both programs you will have full life time access to Hub with 8 week weight loss Course. With EFT/Tapping meditations to clear beliefs and patterns around food which compliments the clearing received by myself each week. 

3 Week Emotional Eating

If you would like to work on cravings for certain foods or you feel your emotional eating or weight release is about a smaller issue, then sometimes 3 sessions can work amazingly.

Learn more

8 Week Programme

If you feel your emotional eating is out of control and you need a little more support then I would suggest this 8 week programme. We will follow a step by step program that clears many issues that may be contributing and blocking you from weight release.

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Book a FREE starter consultation with me to learn more about how I can help. 


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