Morning Tap Along

Good Morning Tap Along is to help you start the day feeling full of energy, grateful for everything and welcoming a positive happy day.

KC - I am choosing to have the most amazing day today and I love, accept and forgive myself.

KC - I am choosing to have a fantastic day, and I love, accept and forgive myself

KC - I am going to have an amazing day today and life is good

TH - I choose to have a really good day today

EB - I may not be quite feeling it at the moment

SE - but I am open to allowing myself to have a great day

UE - I am letting go of any tiredness

UN - I am letting go of any anxiety about my day

CH - I am letting go of taking on anyone else's stress

CB - Why should I keep hold of any anxiety

UA - It is not helpful

TH - So I choose peace and calm

EB - Any negativity that I have woken up with from yesterday

SE - I find it easy to dissolve

UE - As I am learning this new way of releasing negativity

UN - I am finding it easier to wake up feeling happy and energised

CH - happier and energised

CB - As I am a good person

UA - and I choose to only have good in my life

TH - I find it easy to stay calm and confident

EB - As people begin to notice my happiness

SE - It feels fantastic to feel happy

UE - So I choose happy and energised

UN - Letting go of anything that doesn't serve me

CH - from every cell of my body

CB - I choose to have an amazing day

UA - Each and every day

Try and tap each morning before you get out of bed, even if you have woken up not feeling so amazing. You will soon notice the shift in your moods.

Have a Great Day!

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