Eliminate Food or Drink Cravings Forever!

Do you find yourself craving sweet things after dinner?

Or chocolate in the afternoon?

Or maybe you drink too much tea, coffee or alcohol?

We often find ourselves eating certain foods at certain times of the day, it feels like a habit. Sometimes you can stop yourself for a few days, weeks or months, but then suddenly you get that uncontrollable craving and its starts off that cycle again.

There is usually emotions behind it, it could be when you were a child and your grandmother gave you some chocolate and you felt so loved and comforted that it stayed with you, now you are an adult, if anything upsetting happens, you want to bring that loving, comforting feeling back, so your subconscious sends a trigger to eat something that made you feel that way.

By clearing the trigger and just knowing that your Grandmother loved you without even having to give you the chocolate, you are resetting it and releasing the need to eat chocolate or whatever food you crave at that moment.

When we work on a few foods that are triggered by this, sometimes you will find other foods intensity to eat drops away too.

So what food or drink do you suddenly crave?

We can clear these in sessions forever. I had no idea it was a trigger until I did it for iced buns. They were my treat to myself when I did the weekly shop. I began to think back to when I first had these and it was when I finished school on a Friday, about 6 years old and we would walk to the bakery with my mum and I would choose my iced bun. 

It totally makes sense that we want to bring back the good feelings.


But once this has cleared, you will find you are free from:

  • The sudden feeling of panic to eat that food.

  • the compulsion to buy that certain food when you see it.

  • Having the habit of eating it at times throughout the day.

  • the need to have it.

  • depriving yourself of what you think is your favourite food.

  • feeling guilty when you have eaten that food and wished you hadn't.

  • not keeping these foods in your house in case you eat them all.

but feeling calm around foods, changing your behaviour around foods and feeling in control and not even noticing the pull when you see these foods.

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