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By applying tapping for just 15 minutes a day, you can make great transformations, in a short time.  You can listen to the tapping audios or read them from a workbook.

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You will learn how to:

  • Release stress around the panic to lose weight and begin your journey with the feeling of success and that you can achieve your ideal weight.

  • Heal the patterns that are driving you to eat emotionally when you aren't hungry.

  • Let go of feeling out of control around food as you begin to neutralise your emotions and habits.

  • Delete the patterns of past diets and begin to eat mindfully and intuitively.

  • Stop the self sabotaging behaviours that have happened many times through out your life, when your subconscious has tried to keep you safe and protected with the extra weight.

  • Learn to let go of stress and anxiety on a daily basis, which is another driver of emotional eating.


Week One - Tapping for Success

Week Two - Emotional Eating & Cravings

Week Three - Out of Control

Week Four - Past Diets

Week Five - Sabotaging Myself

Week Six - Stress & Anxiety

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