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When you join, you will receive full access to:

  • Weight Loss Tapping Audio's

  • 6 Week Weight Loss Audio's

  • Audio Visualisations

  • New Weekly Tapping Sequences

  • Live Weekly Online meetings (recorded, so it can be watched at a convenient time for you).

  • Receive Distant Healing

  • How to Eat Mindfully

  • Closed Facebook Support Group

Join a friendly and supportive community to help you with your weight loss journey. 

By applying tapping for just 15 minutes a day, you can make great transformations, in a short time.  You can listen to the tapping audios or read them straight from your phone/computer and tap.

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£29 Per Month

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What you will receive with your membership:


6 Week Weight Loss Course

Work through this course in your own time.  It is full of tapping meditations and information about how to clear your emotional blocks that are stopping you from releasing your excess weight. Just 15 minutes tapping a day can be life changing.



Visualisation is a very powerful way of creating a positive future, by having a solid image of your self looking slim and healthy, can help you achieve your goal quicker.

Online Weekly Meetings

I run a twice weekly weight loss group meeting online, via Zoom.  we will do meditations, group tapping, Matrix Reimprinting with one person and whilst you tap on yourself, you will be receiving healing too. You will learn simple techniques that will help you clear emotional eating and cravings and allow you to let go of weight much easier and keep motivated to tap! You can join in with chats in the group or you can take a back seat until you are comfortable to join in.

In group work, it creates an amazing energy, that is felt by everyone, so try and make time each week to join in.


New Tapping Meditations

in. Receive weekly tapping themes to help you clear as much as possible, as life can be quite trying at times, I will include stress and anxiety scripts too.

Distant Healing

By joining you will receive distant healing of my daily practice of Reiki and Ho'oponopono. If you choose not to, then just message to say "no thanks".

These are powerful healing modalities that clear negative emotions and traumas on a deep level, allowing you to feel peace and harmony.

Closed Facebook Group

Also you can join our facebook group, which I shall add motivational quotes, answer questions, add video's and more.  

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