Fed up of food controlling your every thought?


Do you constantly feel hungry?

Have you yoyo dieted throughout your life?

This is not your fault & you can change this!! 

This is not a programme about depriving you of certain foods, or how much exercise you do. It's about taking control of your emotions and stress to help you feel calmer and happier inside.

I did this for more than 10 years and it does gets you down, and makes you feel like a failure and that you have no will power.

But I can honestly tell you that it has nothing to do with willpower, dieting or lack of exercise. It comes down to how you feel about yourself, the beliefs that you have created or learned whilst growing up and traumatic events that have happened in your life.

It was only when I began to work on myself, to heal all of these issues, that the weight began to fall off. I felt so much happier in myself, I have more confidence, higher self-esteem and people were noticing!

This is why I want to share and support others through this same journey of self-discovery. I want to be able to help others take control of their emotional eating, learn to feel great being themselves and much more.

We will work through issues that I find which have stopped you from letting go of the excess weight. Often it feels as though the weight is protecting you somehow.

Lose the weight of your emotional baggage!

Most diets simply focus on cutting down on what you eat and adding more exercise. This is all good but it doesn't deal with the emotional issues that underline the extra weight or eating habits that have been created. If the 'emotional issues' aren't dealt with, you will lose the weight, but then often put it all back on again, leaving you feeling like a failure, hopeless, and unhappy.

We can align our bodies to a natural weight and change the relationship we have with food by releasing trapped emotions about how we feel about our weight and body shape. We can find out what it is that is driving us to overeat and crave certain foods.

What we focus on:

Mindful & Intuitive Eating 

Often we eat our food so quickly that we don't even notice how it tastes or even remember eating it. We are then not listening to our bodies need. It has been proven that by taking longer to eat, we may consume 20% less food. By changing this habit, you will be able to eat whatever you want, just as long as you are hungry. You will feel in control when around food and really enjoy eating.



Food cravings are a large part of weight gain and weight loss. Tapping or emotion code are an amazing way to eliminate cravings for chocolate, crisps, cake, etc. We will look at what your go-to food is and when your cravings began. Then we will tap it away or I can release the emotions that are driving you to eat the food but don't feel the urgency to do so.

We will also work on when you started putting the weight on as well as past diet failures. All of this will set you up for success.

Emotional Eating & Trauma

When we have had traumas in our lives, difficult childhood, loss of loved ones, loss of job, divorce of relationship breakdown, we begin to turn to something to make us feel better and often this is food as it it readily available. This soon turns into a habit to help you cope with life's ups and downs, but then it can turn into a problem and show up as excess weight. by releasing these traumas, you will gradually feel less driven to eat the foods you normally would, and your body will begin to feel calmer and you will automatically choose healthier and less foods. 


Beliefs of 'I am not good enough' or 'I am always going to be fat, its in my genes' are not helpful.  However these can be unravelled and released and you can then build new beliefs. For example, 'I can eat whatever I want, without putting weight on' or 'I am always slim and healthy'. Making it so much easier to let go of your excess weight.


Stress can create so much upset in your body. It triggers hormones within which keep you feeling constantly hungry. In turn, stress can prevent you from letting go of your excess weight. We will work together on what your stresses you are. Even if you feel you aren't stressed, you may be surprised at how you feel when you are truly relaxed and calm.

6 Week Programme


  • 6 weekly x 30 minute Emotion Code remote/telephone Sessions. (I will send you the notes of what has been released).

  • Full access to Slim mindset Hub, with a 6 week course to help you tap cravings and emotional eating away. Hypnosis emotional eating and daily visualisation. (Lifetime access).

  • Email access between sessions.

I will do 1 sessions each week. The sessions will be focused on Addictive Heart energy, trauma or events that have caused weight gain or contribute to emotional eating. 

6 Week Programme


saving £30

16 Week Programme


  • 16 x 30 minute Emotion Code Sessions remote/telephone sessions. (I will send you the notes of what has been released).

  • Life time access to Slim Mindset Hub. Tapping audio's, hypnosis and visualisations.

  • Email access between sessions.

I will do 2 sessions each week. This is a step by step process where we will focus on helping you align to your ideal weight, and releasing any blocks that are stopping you from achieving this weight, deleting food cravings, addictive heart wall, releasing shame and guilt or traumatic experiences.

16 Week Programme


saving £100

I know how hard it is, I have been there! 


I began putting weight on when I had my children, eating for 2 made me feel comforted and content. I knew I couldn't carry on like this though. I needed to change my way, so I began to calorie count and lost 4 stone, felt fantastic, thought, that was it and told myself I would never be like that again. 


But as soon as I went back to eating normally the weight crept back on and a little more. All that hard work I had done to lose the weight, deprived myself of my favourite foods, not going out for meals, not drinking, criticising myself to achieve my goal weight.


For the next 10 years, I tried fasting, shakes, Keto, etc. I also tried EFT/Tapping which had helped me with so many other issues in my life, but as soon as I stopped tapping the weight found me again.


It was only when I found Emotion Code that I started seeing results. I wasn’t aiming at weight loss, I was working on releasing trapped emotions from past negative events that had happened in my life and I realised I was not eating quite so much. My clothes were feeling more comfortable and I wasn’t thinking about heading to the snack cupboard so much.


I began researching more about how to release the weight, putting into practice what I had learned from tapping and all the books I had read and now I have a step by step programme that allows the body to release everything that is contributing to emotional eating.


I don’t diet, I don’t stop myself from eating anything, I don’t constantly think about food anymore, I just feel relaxed around food, I feel calmer and much happier in myself and I want to share this with everyone that is going through the same as I did.

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