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Energy Healing resolves the emotional reasons, that are keeping you from releasing weight. 

Heal emotions behind your negative eating patterns

Feel calm around food

Re-energise your mind and rejuvenate your body

Build self belief and confidence

Truth about getting slim
& sustaining it permanently

(it was never about the diet plan)

Are you trying diets, depriving yourself of your favourite foods, exercising to exhaustion?
Still, ending up blowing diets and "fat-loss" regimes. Finding yourself magically appear in front of refrigerator. Finding weight creeping back or even getting worse. 
I understand this struggle because...
 I have been there...

Do you feel out of control with your eating habits?

Do you feel like you are the only person going through this?

Have you yoyo dieted all your life?

Feeling helpless, every time you comfort yourself with food.

Feeling guilty, of losing and gaining the same weight over and over again.

If this is you...I have felt it all...feeling lack of control, confidence and love for myself.

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Energy healing...

Resolves what's limiting you on the inside...


When you lose control, give up on cravings, and end up eating & overeating you ruin your efforts. And this cycle becomes harder and harder every time.

Energy healing addresses the core of WHY you eat what you eat? And when you resolve that, you:

Achieve food freedom. 

Find peace with food and love yourself more.

Release weight naturally. 

Get success in your career & relationships that inspires many.

Stop self-sabotaging & don't feel cravings

Have no need for dieting.

Look & Feel better than you have ever felt

  It all begins here...

Permanently get rid of:

  • Cravings & self-sabotaging

  • Diet plans

  • Emotional eating

  • Self- doubt

  • Anxiety

  • & much more...

Gain what you dreamt of:

  • Food freedom & flexibility

  • Self-love

  • Confidence

  • Better relationships

  • Mental peace & clarity

  • Healthy attractive body

  • & much more

Thankyou for the lovely EFT routines, they have really helped me take control of my life. I feel so much calmer and happier. 

Amanda C (Hertfordshire, UK)

I am so grateful, and amazed I have dropped 14Ib in weight and did not do a thing.  I had a remote session for eliminating chocolate and then 4 more sessions around emotional eating and self image and I didn't notice much at the time. But its 2 months later and I just weighed myself and I couldn't belief it.  Thank you so much Suzanne, this really does work!

Francesca S. (Hertfordshire, UK)

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I am Suzanne,

I am a Certified Emotion & Body Code Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Reiki Master, Qualified Life Coach, and Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner.


I too was stuck in my own struggles with weight issues and anxiety. To resolve that I gathered and learned the most effective ways to resolve emotional eating, cravings, and self-sabotaging.


I help women get over it because I know how hard it is, I have been there!

When I found Energy Healing, I started seeing real results. I don’t diet now. I don’t stop myself from eating anything. I don’t constantly think about food anymore. I feel relaxed around food. I feel peace in mind and much happier in myself and…


I want to share it with everyone that is going through the same as I did.

I love helping women transform into a more fulfilling life. No matter how long they have been suffering from.. After completing energy sessions they find themselves calmer, with much mental clarity, and they look & feel way better about themselves than they ever did.


  Begin your transformation with me. 

Emotional Harmony Group

This Facebook Group is where you will find resources and FREE WEEKLY group healing sessions to help you achieve your goals quicker and easier.
Learn more about mindful eating and also how to bring self help healing tools into your daily life.

"After 2 sessions I had completely lost my sweet tooth and within 4 sessions I had given up smoking..."

Sandra A (Hertfordshire)

This is not your fault & you can change this!!

I did this for more than 10 years and it gets you down, and makes you feel like a failure and that you have no will power.

But I can honestly tell you that it has nothing to do with willpower, dieting or lack of exercise. It comes down to how you feel about yourself, the beliefs that you have created or learned whilst growing up and traumatic events that have happened in your life.

It was only when I began to work on myself, to heal all of these issues, that the weight began to fall off. I felt so much happier in myself, I have more confidence, higher self-esteem and people were noticing!

This is why I want to share and support others through this same journey of self-discovery. I want to be able to help others take control of their emotional eating, learn to feel great being themselves and much more.

We will work through issues that have stopped you from letting go of the excess weight. Often it feels as though the weight is protecting you somehow.

Releasing the weight is an inside job!

Most diets simply focus on cutting down on what you eat and adding more exercise. This is all good but it doesn't deal with the emotional issues that underline the extra weight or eating habits that have been created. If the 'emotional issues' aren't dealt with, you will lose the weight, but then often put it all back on again, leaving you feeling like a failure, hopeless, and unhappy.

We can align our bodies to a natural weight and change the relationship we have with food by releasing trapped emotions about how we feel about our weight and body shape. We can find out what it is that is driving us to overeat and crave certain foods.

This programme is a step by step approach with life changing strategies can help you learn to eat mindfully, let the stress around releasing weight and emotional eating go and build a better relationship with your body and your food.

Are you ready to...

Step into your Slim Mindset and release all your old dieting programming, eat mindfully easily and create a new relationship with food and your body.

Stop cravings in minutes whenever you feel the need to eat when you aren't physically hungry and control your eating habits quickly.

Deal with food obsessions, letting go of the need to eat at certain times or when you see or smell food.

Reprogramme your negative self-talk and stop sabotaging yourself whenever you try to make changes in your body.

Setting boundaries & releasing stress, being able to say no to people without feeling guilty and controlling you, feel calm and have a happy environment.

Find pleasure in exercise and enjoy incorporating it into your life easily

Maintenance for long term, looking forward and empowering yourself to live the most amazing life.

Feel satisfied eating healthy foods and reset your natural eating patterns and listen to what your body needs.

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8 Week Programme


This programme is an in-depth step by step programme that can clear past trauma that is contributing to your weight issues.  Sometimes we need healing to be able to release weight, and as we begin to work on our inner child and traumas, lots of layers begin to come to the surface.

This is a beautiful opportunity to heal yourself and will change other areas of your life too.

We will release the negative blocks, trapped emotions and beliefs around emotional eating, self sabotage, and clear food cravings.

Making it so much easier to reach your goal weight and sustain it.


8 x 45 minute Emotion Code, Body Code Remote/Zoom Sessions. 

2 Months Free access to Slim Mindset Group.

Email access throughout the course.

This is a step by step process where we will focus on helping you align to your ideal weight, and releasing any blocks that are stopping you from achieving this weight, deleting food cravings, addictive heart wall, releasing shame and guilt and traumatic experiences that are contributing the emotional eating.

8 Week Deep Clearing Programme

£420 or 2 monthly payments of £210