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Heart Wall Clearing

When we go through times of emotional distress, our emotional heart can feel really hurt: this is where the words 'heartache' and 'heartbreak' come from. This can cause the body to put up a form of protection, or a 'wall' around the heart to keep it safe from further harm.

We believe that the building material of a heart wall is energy, specifically trapped emotions. The problem is that the heart wall can stay with us, even after the heartache has passed, and we no longer need that protection. 

It is possible to remove the heart wall and this can free you to live a happier, more abundant life and find true love. This can make a big difference in peoples lives.

Trapped emotions are found by a technique known as muscle testing. Our body or subconscious holds all the knowledge about ourselves that even we don't know, including trapped emotions and negative beliefs. By asking yes/no questions and muscle testing we can find out which emotions are trapped and causing us issues or blocks in our lives.

We can even do muscle testing by proxy, which means that we can tune into the energy of another person, even if they are the other side of the world. we can still receive the information needed and we are able to release these emotions.

It can work for most issues in life, including:

  • Stress, depression & anxiety

  • Letting go of blocks to help with money worries.

  • Helping you to let go of self doubt and lack of confidence

  • Clearing trapped emotions that are causing low self-esteem & belief in yourself

  • Emotions that may be holding you back from that job promotion or career change.

  • Giving you the confidence to start that new business.

  • By removing trapped emotions which are causing you to eat emotionally or are blocking desired weight loss.

Take a step to start making the changes in your life. Take action, rather than carry on dreaming. Stop going around in circles and not living life to its true potential. 

There can also be Addictive heart walls, body walls, hidden body walls, fat walls that are connected to weight issues

The heart is meant to feel love, joy, happiness and positive emotions, but sometimes it can hold onto trapped emotions. These emotions can create unhappiness and stress and then tries to find ways to make you feel better. But this can often be found in physical and outside activities for example:

  • Craving sugar and carbohydrates

  • Other foods

  • Drugs

  • Tobacco

  • Shopping

  • Chronic Illness

  • Over Working

  • Excessive exercise

When the addictive heart wall is released, you can feel lighter, more energetic, have less cravings and feel more positive in life.

Heart wall clearings, usually takes about 2-3 sessions.

Find out if you have any heart walls. Message me here and I will check for you FREE.

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