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Harmony Healing Circle

Group Remote Healing

This weekly group healing helps support your body's ability to self-heal.  Distant Reiki Healing energy will always go to where it's most needed for each recipient, and will be received when it is best for you.

Within the gentle space of Reiki, I will do a group healing and clearing with a combination of modalities that blend beautifully, allowing me to muscle test to find suppressed emotions, negative beliefs, imbalances, often that are similar within each of us.

This is why group sessions work so well.

Once I have cleared imbalances then I will reinforce positive statements with the pendulum.

Pendulum Activations are statements, that are more focused as positive reinforcements, that work, similar to Affirmations, but on a deeper level. These will be repeated to clear blocks around emotional eating and weight release, that have been proven to be supportive.

To empower your results, combine it with the Harmony Healing Membership.

So if you are ready to...

Feel more Relaxed

Feel Calmer & Confident in Yourself

Feel Calmer around Food

Release Self Sabotage

Clear Blocks to Self-Love

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What you will receive:

Group remote healing to clear blocks to emotional eating, weight release, relaxation, feel calmer around food, and within yourself.

Group Healing & Clearing:

  • Weight Block Alignment

  • Weight Release Blocks

  • Emotional Eating & Cravings Clearing

  • Clear Emotional Blocks & Beliefs to Self-Love

The Pendulum Activations and Positive Affirmations.

You will receive a report after the session with the imbalances that were released and corrected.

Harmony Healing Circle


Group Emotion Code, Body Code & Energy Healing.

This can be repeated weekly or as required.

Do not attempt to lose weight without being under the supervision of a medical/health care professional.