Online Weekly Well-Being Group

Weekly Group Online Meetings

I run a weekly, friendly and supportive group for ladies, to Empower & Inspire you to eat Mindfully & Intuitively, by offering simple yet powerful energy healing techniques,  and guidance. 

Please read my FREE E-Book before the group meeting to learn Tapping points and the basics of Mindful & Intuitive Eating. DOWNLOAD HERE.

In our group meetings we will do:

  • Guided Visualisations

  • Goal Setting

  • Empowered Tapping Affirmations

  • Tapping to clear Emotional Blocks

  • Mindful Eating Exercises

  • Journaling

  • Stress & Anxiety Tapping

  • Transform Beliefs with Tapping

  • Tapping Cravings & Emotional Eating Away

  • Questions & Answers

Our live sessions are via Zoom every Tuesday 6.30pm - 8.00pm. GMT London. Zoom is free and you can download it in minutes.

Meetings cost £12 each week, for 90 minutes. You do not have to commit to come every week, but please pay in full before the meeting starts and I will email you the zoom link an hour before.

I want you to feel comfortable and happy to join in, but if you prefer you can be muted and not on video if you wish, so you can just listen and join in, but it is lovely to see who is in the group and join in with friendly and supportive chats.

You will be able to send in messages, so say 'Hi', ask a question, or give ideas or suggestions.

As everyone's lives are so busy, I will keep it light and supportive.

In preparation for each meeting, please be ready and join 5 minutes before (at 6.25pm), try to find a quiet place and have with you:

Your Journal & pen


Headphones (if you prefer)


& any Questions you may have.

If you need anything, do message me on 07855578160.

Call Suzanne Curtis

01442 767063