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Group Energy Healing

Group Energy Healing 

Group healing sessions are a powerful way to receive clearing and balancing at a lower price, but can benefit your immensely.  You will release trapped, trauma energies, limiting beliefs, will energies, and energy imbalances and blockages and receive positive re-enforcements and Reiki Energy to help bring harmony and wellbeing in all areas of your life.

All sessions are received distantly, on Mondays at 1.00 pm weekly, (UK time) which means, you do not need to do anything at that time, apart from be open to receive the clearing and healing. 

Although each week will be a different theme, you can set your intention for what you are wishing to work on. Simply hold the thought for that week that we are clearing around this issue and write it in the form below.

You will receive a full email report when the session is completed.

1 x Group Session - £29

4 x Group Sessions - £59

4 sessions will run weekly with the same theme around stress, anxiety and unwanted negative habits, allowing your to feel calmer, happier and more successful in life. 

Group Energy Healing

Week One (1st Monday in each month) - Inner Confidence - Chakra, Meridian & Aura Clearing & Balance

We sometimes hold onto trapped emotions, and core beliefs that create blockages in our spiritual body, which can leave us feeling our of balance, unwell and attract negative situations in our lives. It is important to keep our spiritual body clear and balanced, so that we can manifest great things and have a healthy physical and emotional body.

Week Two (2nd Monday in each month) - Stress Response to triggers & Nervous System Clearing

Our nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal cord and nerves.  It controls how we think and feel and what our body does. It also controls how the body reacts to emergencies, and carries signals related to your fight and flight response to the brain. Trapped emotions can create imbalances within the system, creating stress and anxiety and physical illness. 

Week Three (3rd Monday in each month) - Endocrine System Balancing

The Endocrine system is made up of the body's different hormones that release into the bloodstream. These hormones help control mood, how organs work, metabolism, blood sugar, sleep, blood pressure and more. Trapped emotions cause imbalances in areas involved with the Endocrine system, so it is important to keep it healthy and balanced.

Week Four (4th Monday in each month) - Inner belief, feeling worthy, deserving and self love

This week is releasing trapped emotions, despair anchors, cords, core beliefs, and other imbalances that can contribute to feeling less than good enough, which can then lead to unhealthy habits and low self care. 

You can take part in one week or all four. Please state which week you would like to focus on for a single group session in the form below.

Group healing is a powerful way of receiving clearing.  You do not need to do anything, apart from hold the intention of what you wanting your session focus on.

This is for one person only. Please complete another form if you wish to have the healing for a second person.


If you would like a chat before you book, or to ask any questions, then please message me.


Group Healing Sessions
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