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Eliminate 10 Food Cravings & 3 Times of the day you crave One Session!

Are you ready to kick your food cravings once and for all?

When you are trying to take control of your eating habits, it can be hard, as we often have triggers that keep us wanting, needing or addicted to certain foods. 

They often have emotional charge connected to them and this is why you find it so hard to stop eating them. 

How would you like to try and amazing energy healing technique called Emotion Code that can get to the root of why you eat certain foods, release the imbalances and then free you from the addiction or craving.

If you find you crave:







or what ever it is, it is possible to eliminate these.

It doesn't mean that you won't ever want to eat these foods again, it just means that you will have more control of what you eat and how much.

Sometimes we do need a few more sessions to work on emotional eating and to find the root cause and release that to make a more powerful impact, but this is a session, to show you the potential of just one session!

This can be done through distant healing, so you can be anywhere in the world. 

So if you would like to see how this can help, please book a session and begin making your list of foods you wish to eliminate and think of 3 times of the day that you find yourself eating when you aren't physically hungry.

You will receive a full report of the session after it has been completed. This will be within 3 - 5 days.

Once your session is booked, I will contact you.

One Introductory Session - Just £30

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