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Sometimes life can leave us going around in circles or feeling stuck and just not knowing where to turn.  This can lead to feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and depression.

There are a few simple, yet powerful energy healing tools that you can learn and use for self-help. I blend a few energy healing techniques into my sessions, (mainly tapping) which can help get to the root of the issue, fast and making permanent changes to allow success, happiness and self development in all areas of your life.

EFT/Tapping is like Acupuncture but without the needles, It works on the meridian points in the energy body. so when you tap on these points and say an affirmation, it sends a message to the brain to tell it to relax, bringing calm around an issue.


I offer one to one, private, non-judgemental support to help you get to the root course of your issues.  We will work together and focus on how we can change these emotions and help you move forward.

  • I help women get to the root cause of why they may be holding onto excess weight, so there will be no need for willpower, dieting or exercise. Helping you build confidence, self-esteem, by letting go of past memories that have kept you feeling this way.

  • Your stress and anxiety levels should reduce, by working on your emotions and allowing you to feel calmer and happier.

  • It can relieve negative self talk and stop you from criticising yourself so much.

  • leaving room for you to create a more happy and abundant life.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to try a free 60 minute discovery call, then please message me to arrange a suitable time for you.

One Hour Session  -  £60

If you need to cancel for any reason, we can reschedule your appointment to another time. Please give 24 hours notice. 

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