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EFT/Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a form of acupuncture, but without the needles. It's a simple tapping procedure that gently realigns the bodies energy system. 

It can help with many issues, including:


  • Weight loss/body Image

  • Stress & anxiety

  • Confidence & self-esteem

  • Phobia's

  • Depression

  • Pain

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Unwanted emotions

  • Traumatic experiences & lots more.


Unlike other energy healing methods, EFT incorporates an emotional element to the healing process. it addresses unresolved emotional issues which are a likely cause of physical disease, psychological dysfunction, and personal performance limits.

EFT is an amazing self-help tool for removing stress and anxiety, and it can also help you feel good.

Negative emotional experiences disrupt the energy meridians that run through our body. The memory of that experience affects the way we see the world.. until we heal that disruption. 
Properly applied, EFT quickly realigns the energy meridians with respect to negative memories, disconnects the physical discomfort that we have attached to it, and quite often remove the resulting symptoms.


Matrix Reimprinting



Matrix Reimprinting is a personal development technique that can improve health and well-being by accessing and transforming painful memories and letting go of stress. It is combined with EFT and has shown outstanding results with both physical and emotional issues.


Matrix Reimprinting advances EFT by incorporating all the latest developments in the new sciences and quantum physics. This technique can be self taught and can help you to overcome a variety of health and emotional challenges, including negative beliefs, addictions, phobias and traumas, allergies, relationship issues...and many more. 



My Credentials

Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner

Emotion & Body Code

Spiritual Response Therapy

AAMET Accredited Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

EmoTrance Practitioner

Usui Reiki Master

Spiritual Life Coach

Mindfulness Therapist

Ho'oponopono Practitioner

"I would just like to say how beneficial my EFT sessions have been with Suzanne. I had not had EFT before and knew very little about it, but Suzanne explained everything to me and I felt completely at ease with her. After 2 sessions I had completely lost my sweet tooth and within 4 sessions had given up smoking. i would not hesitate in seeing Suzanne again and I can't recommend her enough. Thank you Suzanne". Sandra A. (Hertfordshire)


"I love the video's, they are so easy to follow and they leave me feeling very positive for the day ahead. Things are really starting to improve in my life. Thank you". Helen R. (Hertfordshire)


"My daughter suffered badly with growing pains in her knees, crying every night in pain. After Suzanne gave on treatment of Reiki to her, the bad nights are now once every three months or so. I can't believe it". Jackie (Hemel Hempstead)


"I hadn't even heard of EFT before, but after a 20 minute treatment for my phobia of the dentist, I was able to happily sit in the dentist chair and have the work done, without any anxiety at all! In fact I couldn't understand how I had ever had such a bad fear". Jacqueline (St Albans)



Learn a simple healing technique called EFT/Tapping and begin your journey to a happier you.  

Beach Meditation



Tap along with this audio to help you let go of anxiety. Try Tapping Now.

Strawberry Shortcake



Tap away food cravings in less than a minute. Try tapping now.

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