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Stop Overthinking & Stress Less 

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, worry or fear. We can all feel these feelings a lot of the time, but anxiety may begin to cause issues in your everyday life, more and more.  It can be hard to control and once it begins it becomes repetitive and ongoing and very intense. 
Anxiety can affect both your mind and your body. We often have an inner negative self talk that fuels the anxiety too.  It can feel like an inner critical voice saying unsupportive statements. For example:

"I am not good enough to do this"
"I can't do anything right"

t can create problems in all areas of your life, with you becoming withdrawn from friends and family, struggling with work and avoiding doing certain situations.

This critical voice is normally created from childhood, from a critical parent, carer or teacher, it was formed over and over and then became a pattern in the mind and with anything, the more you focus on something, the more it manifests.

When overthinking can become so over powering that it can turn to:

Distrust in others

Self Criticism

Limitation of Achieving Goals


Emotional Eating


When we begin to go back to heal the inner child and release the beliefs, emotions and traumas that are being held onto, then this is when you can truly let go of self criticism and release that inner critic! It is possible to:

Stop negative self talk

Create a calmer mind

Feel happier and be more productive in life

Feel more confident in yourself

Achieve your goals easier

How can Energy Healing help?

Emotion Code and Body Code is a powerful healing technique that can get to the root of an issue and release the trapped emotion or imbalance easily.  This is normally from a trauma or perceived negative event that has become trapped in the body creating unease and stress and triggering anxiety feelings. When we begin to address the emotions that are at the root of the issue, it can bring you back to a state of calm and peace.  

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Inner Confidence Package

3 x 60 min - Emotion Code and Body Code Session - Clearing & healing 3 deep rooted core beliefs and empowering positive beliefs to build inner confidence, increased self worth and a calmer and happier life.


Each session also Includes:

  • 3 Personal Positive Affirmations

  • 3 Positive Reinforcement Statements

  • 3 Positive Energy Repatterning Statements

  • Reiki Healing to enhance and support the processing of the session.

  • EFT/Tapping audio's to follow daily at your own pace. Access to Harmony Healing Circle membership.

3 Remote Healing Sessions £170

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