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Align yourself to allow the flow of Abundance & Happiness

Do You lack Self Confidence?
Never feeling good enough?
Struggle with negative self talk?

Sometimes life can begin to take over and we can feel low in mood and have negative thoughts about ourselves and things around us.  It can spiral quite quickly, leaving us feeling as though we cant pick ourselves back up.  With Energy Healing, we resolve the emotional reasons that are creating the anxiety. This is normally suppressed emotions and trauma. Most of the time is is accumulated from when we were growing up, but sometimes it can be life traumas, for example, accidents, illness, loss of loved ones, divorce, house moves etc. 
It is when anxiety takes over your every day life, that you need to address it, as it can create illness and unease within your body.

Build Self Belief & Self Worth

Create a happier & calmer mind

Be more productive in life

Feel more confident in yourself

Achieve Your Goals Faster & Easier

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Certified since 2010

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Are you ready to change feelings of?

Stress & Anxiety

Low Self-esteem & Low Self Confidence

Self Doubt

Low mood

Feeling like a failure


These feelings can be hard, and it can feel very isolating.  But there is a way out....

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Energy healing...

Resolves emotional issues on the inside


When you begin to clear emotional traumas that have happened in your life and change beliefs, you can begin to feel calmer and more positive. You can transform your life literally from within.

Energy healing addresses the core of Why you feel the way you do, and it changes your emotions fast.

Achieve a calmer mind when you clear suppressed emotions

Feel more confident in yourself

Achieve your goals easier and faster 

Clearer thinking & happier

Thankyou for the lovely EFT routines, they have really helped me take control of my life. I feel so much calmer and happier. 

Amanda C (Hertfordshire, UK)

If you would like to find out more about energy healing or how I may be able to help, please book a free 15 minute call for a chat.

Emotional Harmony Group

This Facebook Group is where you will find resources and FREE WEEKLY group healing sessions to help you achieve your goals quicker and easier.
Learn more about mindful eating and also how to bring self help healing tools into your daily life.

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What's Included

6 x 45 minute Remote Healing Sessions - Releasing Blocks and Core negative beliefs, empowering you to let go of negative patterns that are keeping you stuck and repeating unwanted habits blocking you from achieving goals.

Full Access to Tapping Audio's, Visualisation, & Mindfulness course to follow daily for motivation and more clearing techniques.

Unlimited email access for support.


Align & Shine


  Approx. $315