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1 Session Emotion Code, Body Code & SRT. 

1 Session 

Zoom/Remote Healing Session

1 x 60 Minutes


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3 Sessions Emotion Code & Body Code.

3 Session Package

Remote Healing Sessions

3 x 60 minutes


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6 Sessions Emotion Code & Body Code.

6 Session Package

Remote Healing Sessions

6 x 60 minutes


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Spiritual Response Therapy - Soul Alignment

Akashic Records clearing, past lives, vows, spirit, Karmic and more that may be blocking you from reaching your goals.

Remote Sessions

6 x 60 minutes


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8 Week Emotional Eating Program

1:1 8 Week emotional eating program. Get to the root cause of emotional eating, negative eating patterns and binge eating. Including Online program access.

8 x Remote Sessions

8 x 60 minutes


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Harmony Healing Online Program

8 Week emotional eating course, EFT/tapping audio's, anxiety, self confidence, mindful eating techniques, visualisations, relaxation hypnosis audio's.

Lifetime Access

Online Program


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Remote Healing Sessions

Each session will be received remotely and then a full report will be emailed to you after.

Your first session will be completed within 48 hours of purchase.

If it is a package, the sessions will be received weekly, unless we have discussed differently.


Each session also Includes:

  • 3 Personal Positive Affirmations

  • 3 Positive Reinforcement Statements

  • 3 Positive Energy Repatterning Statements


These are powerful reinforcements that are applied using pendulum healing.

  • Reiki Healing to enhance and support the processing of the session.

Book 15 Min Introductory Call 

Book a free chat to find out if energy healing is suitable for you.

Your Report

You will receive a full report of your healing sessions, of what was released and balanced.

or Book Remote Healing Session

If you are ready to begin your healing journey today, then directly book your session. 

Receive Weekly Remote Energy Healing Sessions

If you booked a package, your sessions will be done weekly, usually on the same day. 

Email access between sessions.

I Will Message You

Once you have booked, I will message you to find out details of what you wish to work on.

Email Access Between Sessions

This is about helping and supporting you along the way, so there will be

Email access between sessions.

Your Session

I will connect to your subconscious, and find the root cause of your issue and clear all the underlining imbalances that need to be released and cleared, allowing your mind and body to realign and correct so harmony is restored.