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Image by Patrick Malleret

Harmony Healing Circle 

For Inner Confidence & Self Belief

Do you find yourself saying the same old things...

"I just don't feel good enough"

"I wish I was more confident"

"I can't do this..."

When you have feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, unworthiness, feeling less than, it can leave you feeling unhappy and even depressed. 


If you find that you are just going around in circles repeating the same old patterns and not being able to move forward, then doing some inner work can help you take control of your life and make the changes easier.

I know how hard it can be to make these changes, and I still struggle with issues myself when life gets in the way.


This is why I have created this group, to support you when you are going through stressful times, and offer weekly powerful group healing sessions to clear negative feelings and beliefs to build self confidence and inner belief, to help you on your personal development.

Are You Ready to...

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Release Negative Thought Patterns

Release the Negative Beliefs and Patterns that are holding you back from Success

Keep Motivated with your Personal Development.

Feel Happier & Calmer

Emotional Wellbeing

What you will receive in this membership

Weekly Group remote healing to clear and heal self worth, self sabotage, love, belief, confidence, overwhelm anxiety and more. 

You will be able to set 3 intentions (for yourself only) each week. I ONLY work on people with their permission, so even if you are in the group, you will have to let me know if you wish to be included.

Access to Membership, with Tapping Audio's:

  • 8 Week Emotional Eating & Weight Release (This group isn't just for weight release) 

  • 6 Week Mindfulness Course

  • Inner Confidence & Self Belief

  • Anxiety & Inner Critic

Discounted sessions

When life is too busy and you find it hard to stay motivated with your personal development, allow the changes to happen here in a safe space...

Modules included:

Stress & Anxiety

Negative Self Talk

Self Worth

Inner Confidence & Self Belief

Loving yourself

Letting go of the Past

Fear of Success

Allowing Abundance

This group is for:


Self Care

Self Love

Emotional Eating

Body Image

Low Self Esteem


Self Sabotage

Self Worth

Inner Confidence

and MUCH more!

Harmony Healing Circle

£10 per month Subscription

Cancel anytime.

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