Food cravings are usually specific to a certain type of food. You may prefer chocolate crisps, biscuits, which ever one you are craving change it to that. 


Cravings can be tapped away fast with EFT.  Repeat this when you have a craving.  You may need to do it over 10 times one day and then not many the next.  But it works perfectly. 

Have the food in front of you or visualise it.   The food is linked to your need to feel good.

Really tune into what it is you are craving about the food, is it the taste, the texture, the way it makes you feel?

Ask yourself how much you want to eat and give it an intensity level 0 – not wanting to eat – 10 desperate to eat. Then tap the following.

  • KC - Even though I have this awful craving for chocolate,crisps, biscuits etc, I love, accept & forgive myself

  • KC - Even though I have this craving, I choose to feel relaxed and calm.

  • KC - Even though I have this urge to eat chocolate, crisps, biscuits, I choose to know that I am taking control of my eating.

  • TH - this craving for chocolate

  • EB - I need to eat chocolate

  • SE - I have this strong urge to eat chocolate

  • UE - Nothing is going to stop this urge to eat

  • UN - the taste

  • CH - I just need to eat it

  • CB - this craving

  • UA - I really need it

  • TH - I really want this chocolate

  • EB - I am tired and need it for energy

  • SE - the taste

  • UE - the smell

  • UN - I need this chocolate

  • CH - this craving

  • CB - this craving for chocolate

  • UA - I need a pick me up

  • TH - I choose to feel relaxed

  • EB - I choose to listen to my body

  • SE - maybe I just need water

  • UE - I choose to feel relaxed and calm around food

  • UN - I choose to trust in this process

  • CH - I choose to take control of my eating patterns and listen to my emotions

  • CB - I am relaxed and calm

  • UA - Every time I tap, I am changing my eating habits and find it easier to choose not to eat, unless I am physically hungry.


Take a Deep Breath

Repeat until the urge to eat has gone down to zero.

If it comes back again, then repeat this as often as needed. You will soon notice how your obsession about eating will disappear.

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