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Ready to kick the diet forever...

& heal your food cravings, binge eating, emotional eating and self sabotage once and for all?

8 Week Healing Sessions

Email access between sessions

Full access to Slim Mindset Hub with 8 modules.

Book Now - Zoom | Remote | Telephone - £320

For Remote Sessions

Emotion Code and Body Code can be successfully received via distant healing or remote healing. I will use muscle testing to access information and then release any imbalances.  It is a safe and easy way of receiving energy healing sessions and I find I clear so much more this way.

  • We will decide a day.

  • I will message you when I begin your session. (if we are on a different time zone, I will message, but you do not need to respond)

  • When I have finished your session, I will message again, with the full report of what was cleared.

OPENING HOURS:  Monday - Friday




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