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Are you ready to delve a little deeper on your healing journey?


With Emotion Code and Body Code sessions, I can connect to your subconscious and through using muscle testing and asking questions, get to the root cause of emotional eating, negative eating patterns, food cravings, past traumas around body image that may be creating weight issues, and if there are any body, organ or hormone imbalances contributing too. 


It is an amazing healing modality that can get to the reasons why you may be struggling and release and heal them quickly and easily, allowing harmony of your emotions and mind.


Sessions are received remotely, which means, I connect without you needing to be there in person and then I will send you a full report after the session, so you can see what has been released after.


If you would like to book a chat with me to find out more, please book below, or just book the program and then book your introduction chat as part of the program. 

I will then do your 8 weekly sessions. You will have email access through out and also the membership to follow, the tapping audio's, meditations etc.

8 Week

Mind Body Harmony -

Emotional Eating Program


8 Remote Healing Sessions

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