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Yoga at Home

Are you feeling a bit unsure about how Emotion/Body Code can help?

Then why not take advantage and try 1 session at a trial price, this could for stress, anxiety, and any other issue you may be struggling with.  Just one session can make a great difference.

It can help with releasing:

  • Losses of loved ones, relationships, divorces, jobs, ageing, etc.

  • Traumatic experiences. (you don't need to remember these, I can find them through muscle testing)

  • Anxiety & stress.

  • Anger, shame and guilt.

  • That empty void, that is driving you to eat when you aren't hungry.

When payment has gone through, please message me through the contact page which you will be directed to and explain a little about your issue you would like me to work on.

I look forward to hearing from you.

This is for your first session only, so that you can try the benefits of Emotion/Body Code.

1 x 30 minute session - £25

OPENING HOURS:  Monday - Friday




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