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Are you feeling a bit unsure about how this can help?

Then why not take advantage of trying 2 sessions for the price of one, for food or drink elimination, stress, anxiety, and any other issue you may be struggling with.  Just one or two sessions can make a great difference.


Food cravings - It can clear the craving of a certain food, clear the habit or addiction in a 30 minute distance session.  This doesn't mean you won't ever eat that food again, it means that you will be able to make a choice as to whether you would like to eat it or leave it.  You don't need to do anything, just let me know the 2 foods you would like to take control over, ie. chocolate, crisps, bread, wine, coffee. You need to be specific with the food, a certain chocolate bar, or type of crisps, etc.

when payment has gone through, please message me through the contract page which you will be directed to and explain a little about your issue you would like me to work on.

I look forward to hearing from you.

2 sessions for 1 - £30

Call Suzanne Curtis

01442 767063