Distant Chakra Balance & Aura Cleanse
Chakras are centres in your energy body which keep you healthy and balanced.  Sometimes they get out of balance which can leave you feeling tired, stressed and sometimes unwell.

With stresses of everyday life, these can get out of balance and can block the flow of;

Base Chakra - Lack of money,  Self-awareness

Sacral Chakra - Creativity, Self - respect

Solar-Plexus Chakra - Self - esteem, Self-worth

Heart Chakra -Self-love, compassion, love

Throat Chakra - Confidence, communication, self-expression, speaking up for yourself.

Third-eye Chakra - Intuition, wisdom, imagination

Crown Chakra - Self-knowledge

This can also be achieved by receiving Reiki and ThetaHealing to clear your Chakra's and balance your energy body.​

Chakra Energy Balancing clears blocks in the energy body (Aura & Chakras) and brings them back to balance. this helps the Chi or Energy flow through the body to prevent dis-ease or disconnect. I connect to Theta in a meditation to align and tune into the energy frequency.

You do not need to do anything in this session but know that I am working on your energy. If you choose to know the time I am doing your session, I will let you know. you may feel cold/hot tingling etc. 

I combine Reiki with ThetaHealing in my distant healing sessions.

I clear the space.

I will perform a body scan to get information from your body about where the energy needs to flow.

I lay out the Chakra Crystals on the major points, and use my pendulum and intuition to check for any unbalanced or blocked Chakras.

I will take notes and do a mini 3 card Moon, Tarot or Angel reading offering more insight into the healing session.

Each Session takes 30 minutes.

It is completely safe to receive distant healing, as you will only receive what your body allows and anything else will be sent to mother earth with love.

Chakra Balance & Aura Cleansing - £20

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