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6 Week Slim Mindset Programme

Align yourself to believe, deserve, and feel safe to achieve your ideal weight. If these aren't healed, you may find yourself stuck and not being able to get past a certain weight. We will work together to set an ideal weight.


Losses in our lives, can be the driving force of eating emotionally.  For example, loss of friendships, relationship breakups, divorce, accidents, loss of loved ones, (especially as a child) pet loss, miscarriages, job loss, ageing, etc. 

I gently work with your subconscious, through muscle testing and find any losses that may be affecting your weight issues, by asking what age something happened?

and then ask what imbalances can be released?

It is possible to release trapped emotions, beliefs, post traumatic experiences, thought fields and more, to restore calm around an event or situation that happened in your past.

You do not need to be present, as this is done through distance healing and then I will send you the report of what was released after each session.

6 x 30 minute Emotion Code Sessions.

6 Week Programme - £210

Saving £30.

OPENING HOURS:  Monday - Friday




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