6 Week Align To Your Ideal Weight

Do you find you can't shift that last 10 pounds?

Or you have no control over chocolate, cake or other specific foods?

Do you eat healthily most of the time, but then have a sudden binge?

It may be that there is something blocking you from weighing a certain weight, it could have been something bad that happened last time you got to weight and your subconscious is keeping you safe.

You may have a weakness for certain foods that you would like to eliminate, it can be frustrating at times, when you don't even know why you eat things. 

We will find what is creating this and then work through these issues with my step by step process of helping you align to your ideal weight with Emotion and Body Code.  

Achieve your Ideal weight with ease

  • You will receive 6 x 30 minute Sessions

  • Eliminate food cravings and food addictions

  • Release any blocks that are stopping you from reaching your ideal weight

  • Stop Binge Eating

  • Release the excess weight with ease

  • Let go of sugar addiction

  • Create a better relationship with food

You will also have life time access to 'Slim Mindset Hub' with the 8 week course  with tools to help you achieve your goal easily.

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